Various - State Of Affairs

State Of Affairs

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UK Tape 1984 (Pleasantly Surprised - 003)

A1 Primal Scream - An Introduction
A2 In Excelsis - Fire
A3 Action Pact - Mindless Aggression
A4 Midnight Choir - Kiss
A5 1919 - Dream
A6 Cocteau Twins - In Our Angelhood (Re-mix)
A7 Living In Texas - Dept. Store Graveyard
A8 The Passage - Tatoo
A9 The Luddites - Wiggers
A10 Twisted Nerve - Yes Man
A11 C-Cat Trance - Let Me Sleep
A12 Modern English - Tables Turning (Re-mix)
A13 Virginia Astley - I Live In Dreams
B1 The Wolfgang Press - Prostitute (Re-mix)
B2 Moodists - Gone Dead
B3 Actifed - Prophecy/Dub
B4 Bone Orchard - Picking Apulheads/Dub
B5 The Three Johns - Kicking The Dog Right Out
B6 A Popular History Of Signs - Comrade
B7 Inca Babies - K.O. Cowboy
B8 The Box - Big Slam
B9 David J - This Vicious Cabaret (Demo)
B10 Rubella Ballet - Twister
B11 Primal Scream - Circumcision

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