Various - State Of Affairs

Various - State Of Affairs

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UK Tape 1984 (Pleasantly Surprised - 003)

A1 Primal Scream - An Introduction
A2 In Excelsis - Fire
A3 Action Pact - Mindless Aggression
A4 Midnight Choir - Kiss
A5 1919 - Dream
A6 Cocteau Twins - In Our Angelhood (Re-mix)
A7 Living In Texas - Dept. Store Graveyard
A8 The Passage - Tatoo
A9 The Luddites - Wiggers
A10 Twisted Nerve - Yes Man
A11 C-Cat Trance - Let Me Sleep
A12 Modern English - Tables Turning (Re-mix)
A13 Virginia Astley - I Live In Dreams
B1 The Wolfgang Press - Prostitute (Re-mix)
B2 Moodists - Gone Dead
B3 Actifed - Prophecy/Dub
B4 Bone Orchard - Picking Apulheads/Dub
B5 The Three Johns - Kicking The Dog Right Out
B6 A Popular History Of Signs - Comrade
B7 Inca Babies - K.O. Cowboy
B8 The Box - Big Slam
B9 David J - This Vicious Cabaret (Demo)
B10 Rubella Ballet - Twister
B11 Primal Scream - Circumcision

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A2: In Excelsis are made up from: Errol - vocals, Mark - bass, Spon - guitar and Roxy - drums. 'Fire' - live at St Albans, Jan. 84.

A3: Action Pact. This track is taken from an early 1982 demo and the members at that time were: George Cheex - vocals, Wild Planet - guitar, Joe Fungus - drums and Dr. Phibes - bass.

A4: Midnight Choir are Dave Loukes - vocals, Simon Hinkler - guitar, Simon Gillman - bass and Magnus - drums.

A5: 1919: Ian Tileard - vocals, Mick Reed - drums, Mark Tighe - guitar and Steve Madden - bass.

A6: Cocteau Twins consist of Liz (vocals), Robin (guitar) and latest member Simon (bass). 'In Our Angelhood' is a re-mixed track from their much acclaimed album 'Head Over Heels'.

A8: The Passage are Dick Witts, Andy Wilson and Joey McKechnie and hail from Manchester. The Passage were backed by members of The BBC Philharmonic Orchestra.

A9: The Luddites hail from Hull. 'Wiggers' was recorded in September 1983 and the line-up at that time was W. Stead, D. Stead, S.R. McDermott and L. Gill. Bedroom recording - tape hiss essential.

A10: Twisted Nerve are based in Edinburgh and consist of Craig, Norbert, Keith and Colin

A11: C-Cat Trance: (The 'C' is pronounced 'K' as in kicking not 'c' as in ceiling) is basically John Lewis (formerly of Medium Medium) augmented with additional musicians whenever we deem it necessary

A12 Modern English: come from Leeds and are a five-piece consisting of Robbie - vocals, Gary - guitar, Richard - drums, Mick - bass and Steve - synths. 'Tables Turning' was lifted from their second album and was re-mixed by Ivo of 4AD.

A13: The personnel on 'Dreams' is: Anne Stephenson, Gini Ball - violins, Audrey Riley - cello, Russell Webb - bass, Jo Wells - sax and Kate St. John on Cor Anglais and oboe.

B1: The Wolfgang Press: Essentially Mark Cox and Michael Allen.

B2: The Moodists were formed in Melbourne, Australia in August '81 and consist of Dave - vocals, Steve - guitar, Clare - drums, Chris - bass and Mick - guitar.

B3: Actifed came together in 1981 and consist of Dave - guitar & vocals, Clinton - guitar, John - bass and Stuart - drums.

B4: Bone Orchard hail from Brighton and are: Mark Horse - guitar, Troy Tyro - guitar, Paul Henrichson - bass, Michael Finch - drums, and Chrissy McGhee - vocals.

B5: The Three Johns, In truth only two are them are called Ralph, the other is called Micky and is known for his expensive taste in clothes, fast cars and upholstery.

B6: A Popular History Of Signs were formed in London in late 1980 with the nucleus of Andrew Jarmen (vocals, bass) and Peter Scammell (synth, guitar). Currently they are working with Paul Clark (percussion), Mark Dean (sound affects), John Lucibello (drums) and Christine Isherwood (backing vocals).

B8: The Box: Charlie Collins - saxophones, Peter Hope - voice, Roger Quail - drums, Terry Todd - bass and Paul Widger – guitar & vibraphone.

B9: David J: This Vicious Cabaret is a demo version of one of the tracks featured on a ten-inch EP to be released on Glass Records.

B10: Rubella Ballet: consist of Zillian, Gem, Sid and Sean. 'Twister' was recorded in February 1984.

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