Formed: San Francisco, Los Angeles, USA

U.X.A. - Flyer

Singer De De Troit also recorded as De De Troit & The Car-Tunes.


Subsequent studio albums: Tree Punks At School (1997).

Singles / Albums

U.X.A. - Illusions Of Grandeur        
Illusions Of Grandeur
(LP, 1981)

Extraneous Releases

U.X.A. - Cease To Exisit U.X.A. - 1995 / Visitors      
Cease To Exist
(7", flexi, split with De De Troit And The Car-Tunes, 1981)
1995 / Visitors
(7", 1990)

Various Artists

Tooth And Nail US LP 1979 (Upsetter): Social Circle / U.X.A.

Rodney On The Roq US LP 1980 (Posh Boy): Tragedies

Posh Hits Vol. 1 US LP 1983 (Posh Boy): Immunity

'God Bless America' Posh Hits Vol. 1 UK LP 1985 (Fall Out): Immunity

The Posh Boy Story (More Or Less) UK CD 1993 (Damaged Goods): 1995 / Visitors

MIners' Benefit US CD 2003 (White Noise): Intro / Got To Run / I Don't Lose Sleep





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