Various - Tooth And Nail

Various - Tooth And Nail

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US LP 1979 (Upsetter - UP WR 1&2)

A1 Controllers - Another Day 2:23
A2 Controllers - Electric Church 3:07
A3 Controllers - Jezebel 3:00
A4 Flesh Eaters - The Word Goes Flesh 2:31
A5 Flesh Eaters - Pony Dress 2:20
A6 Flesh Eaters - Version Nation 1:52
A7 U.X.A. - Social Circle 3:11
B1 U.X.A. - U.X.A. 3:11
B2 Negative Trend - I Got Power 1:31
B3 Negative Trend - Mercenaries 2:36
B4 Middle Class - Love Is Just A Tool 1:10
B5 Middle Class - Above Suspicion 2:23
B6 Germs (GI) - Manimal 2:15
B7 Germs (GI) - Dragon Lady 1:48
B8 Germs (GI) - Strange Notes 1:37

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A1-A3: Controllers
Guitar, Voice: Kid Spike
Bass, Backing Vocals: Johnny Stingray
Drums, Backing Vocals: Mad Dog
Produced by Chris D.
Engineered at Program Recorders by Larry Duhart

A4-A6: Flesh Eaters
Voice: Chris D.
Guitar: John C.
Bass: Scott L.
Drums: Dennis W.
Backing Vocals: V
Produced by Randy Stodola/Chris D.
Engineered by Randy Stodola at Alleycat House and Michael Hamilton at Kitchen Sync

A7-B1: U.X.A.
Drums: Rich O'Connell
Voice: De Detroit
Guitar: Billy Southard
Bass: Patrick O'Sullivan
Produced by Chris D.
Engineered by Larry Duhart at Program Recorders and Michael Hamilton at Kitchen Sync

B2-B3: Negative Trend
Voice: Rik L. Rik
Guitar, Backing Vocals: Craig Gray
Bass, Backing Vocals: Will Shatter
Drums, Backing Vocals: Tim Mooney
Produced by Robbie Fields
Engineered by Spot and Rolf, mixed by Chris D. and Rik L. Rik at Media Art Studio

B4-B5: Middle Class
Voice: Jeff Atta
Guitar: Mike Atta
Bass, Backing Vocals: Mike Patton
Drums: Bruce Atta
Produced by Chris D.
Engineered by Zamp and Henry Blau at Program Recorders

B6-B8 Germs: (GI)
Voice: Darby Crash
Guitar: Pat Smear
Bass: Lorna Doom
Drums: Don Boles
Produced by Chris D., John Doe, and the Germs
Engineered by Zamp and Larry Duhart at Program Recorders

All Tracked Mixed at Kitchen Sync except where otherwise stated

3D Lettering Front Cover: Tim Norman
Graphics Adviser: Mick Toohig
Cover Design/Graphics: Judith Bell/Chris D./Exene
Baby Head Photo: Steve Samiof
Label Design Exene, Judith Bell
Executive Producer: Randolph J. Stephens
Produced by Chris D. and J. Bell

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Various - Tooth And Nail - US LP 1979 (Upsetter - UP WR 1&2)Various - Tooth And Nail - US LP 1979 (Upsetter - UP WR 1&2)

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