The Valves, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Formed: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Bandwagon-climbers they may have been - after all, they started out under the name Angel Easy as a prog rock band - but these Scots were responsible for one of the funniest and punkiest records of the whole period, namely the brilliant Robot Love (b/w 'For Adolfs Only') 45, which sounds like one of Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias' pisstakes...only even better!

Unfortunately, the A-side of their next single Tarzan Of The Kings Road was closer to pub rock and the B-Side was just a Beach Boys pastiche about the joys of surfing in the slums of Edinburgh. They moved to London in 1978 and got absolutely nowhere, signing to Albion and releasing an even worse single in 1979, It Don't Mean Nothing At All, which caught them in an even more new wave frame of mind.


Singles / Albums

The Valves - Robot Love Valves - Tarzan Of The Kings Road The Valves - It Don't Mean Nothing At All    
Robot Love (7", 1977) Tarzan Of The Kings Road (7", 1977) It Don't Mean Nothing At All (7", 1979)    

Various Artists

Short Sharp Shock UK CD 1996 (Overground): For Adolfs' Only / Robot Love

Bloodstains Across The U.K. UK LP/CD 1996 (Bloodstains): For Adolf's Only







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