Various - 4 Bands That Could Change The World!

Various - 4 Bands That Could Change The World!

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US LP 1987 (Gastanka/LSR - JC9014)

I. Fix It
A1 7 Seconds - Compro 2:11
A2 7 Seconds - Change In My Head 1:47
A3 7 Seconds - Walk Together, Rock Together (Live '86) 3:02
A4 7 Seconds - Just One Day (Live '87) 3:36
A5 7 Seconds - Dance Of Innocence 2:47
II. Give Up
A6 White Flag - Face Down 2:14
A7 White Flag - Trying For Kicks (Live '86) 2:31
A8 White Flag - Instant Breakfast (Live '86) 2:21
A9 White Flag - Mr. Grinch 3:11
A10 White Flag - Hanging Up My Youth 4:14
III. Destroy It
B1 F - Roddy Piper's Rowdy Hearts Club Band (R.I.P.) 3:55
B2 F - The Yellow Corn Boy 1:40
B3 F - I Got A Right 3:05
B4 F - Philler In My Head 2:08
IV. Drink It
B5 Adrenalin O.D. - Saturday Night 2:14
B6 Adrenalin O.D. - Anarchy In The U.K. 2:17
B7 Adrenalin O.D. - Deuce 2:03
B8 Adrenalin O.D. - Rock And Roll Gas Station (Live '85) 2:47

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Produced by Bill, Kev, Ian, Bob, Ken, Lenny, A.O.D., Bryan, Jamie, Os Mutantes, Dave Nazworthy, Steve Robertson, Gitter Flipside, Dutch East, Mike Just (WF Europe live trax), Angie Whitworth, Heidi Galli, Wayne Henderson. II3 live in Newminster W. Germany by D. Rau. II2 live in Leeds. England by Allistair Nixon. F recorded at L7 Studios, Deerfield Beach Fl.

7 Seconds - The Lineup (as of 12/86):
Kevin Seconds - vocals
Troy Mowat - drums
Bobby Adams - guitar
Steve Youth - bass
Compro recorded at Inner Ear Studios, Summer '85. Prod. by Ian MacKaye + 7 Seconds. Engineered by Don Z. Musicians: Kev - vocals; Steve - bass; Ron Doig - guitar; Belvy K. - drums
Change In My Head same as above
Walk Together, Rock Together recorded live at Fender's Ballroom, Long Beach, CA. - Summer '86. Musicians: Kev - vocals; Troy - drums; Josef Bansuelo - bass; Bobby Adams - guitar
Just One Day live Feb '87 Club Cant Tell Sacramento CA, same band as above except Steve Youth - bass
Dance Of Innocence, Kev - vocals, Bobby - guitar, Troy - drums - drums live Feb 87 at 7 Sec's practicer space

White Flag: Pat Fear, Doug Graves, Trace Element, El Fee

F: U.S., J. Galt, E. Nothing, Pete

Adrenalin O.D. [no credits]

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Various - 4 Bands That Could Change The World`! - US LP 1987 (Gastanka/LSR - JC9014)Various - 4 Bands That Could Change The World`! - US LP 1987 (Gastanka/LSR - JC9014)

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