Various - Blood On The ROQ

Various - Blood On The ROQ

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UK LP 1983 (Quiet! - QLP 3)

A1 Target 13 - Rodney On The Roq
A2 Black Flag - Rise Above
A3 Shattered Faith - Right Is Right
A4 Social Distortion - 1945
A5 Minutemen - Search
A6 The Nuns - Getting Straight
B1 Channel 3 - You Lie
B2 Agent Orange - Bloodstains
B3 Circle Jerks - Wild In The Streets
B4 The Vidiots - Laurie's Lament
B5 Red Rockers - Dead Heroes
B6 Black Flag - No Values

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Thanks to Rodney
Design: Tonte + Splodge

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Released without Robbie Fields' permission, this is nonethless a great compilation of LA punk, but a but on the short side.

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Various - Blood On The ROQ - UK LP 1983 (Quiet! - QLP 3)Various - Blood On The ROQ - UK LP 1983 (Quiet! - QLP 3)

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