Various - Bloodstains Across The U.K. 4

Various - Bloodstains Across The U.K. 4

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UK LP 1999 (Bloodstains - BSUK 4)

A1 Fire Exit - Time Wall
A2 Bob Ugly - Disco Veteran
A3 The Fakes - Look - Out
A4 No Support - Fallen Hero
A5 The Buzz - Sick At Heart
A6 X-Films - All After My Blood
A7 The Panik - Urban Domination
A8 The Noise Toys - Pocket Money
A9 The Exile - The Real People
B1 The Reducers - Things Go Wrong
B2 The Limps - Circa 2
B3 The Seize - Why?
B4 The Dyaks - Gutter Kids
B5 Armed Force - Attack
B6 Low Numbers - Nine All Out
B7 The Syndicate - I Want to Be Somebody
B8 Debutantes - The Man In the Street
B9 The Freeze - Paranoia

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A1: (1979) "A"-side of this 7", on Timebomb Records, there was an approximate pressing of 500 copies of this single made.
A2: (1978) 7" single on Toadstool Records of Surrey, who also released a single by the english band Slime, which featured ex- Johnny Moped member Slimey Toad on guitar.
A3: (1979) Another "B" side, this time from a scottish band, this time on the Deep Cut label.
A4: (1979) This track is taken from a split 7 on the Matchbox classic label from Carlisle, in the north of England called "ANother Matchbox Classic". This is the second of two split EP's featuring The Limps and No Support.
A5: (1979) Yet another "B" side, this time taken from the bands "Insanity" on the highly collectable Redball Records label.
A6: (1979) Another split single, this time on the Rok label.
A7: (1977) This is a "B" side from their one and only single, the "It Won't Sell" EP on Rainy City Records.
A8 (1979): Another split single, this time on the Anti-Pop Entertainmenterama label.
A9 (1977): This is from their debut single on Charly Records.
B1 (1978): This is the "A" side of the bands debut single on the Vibes Records label.
B2 (1979): This was the first split EP featuring No Support and The Limps, called "Opposite Sides" EP.
B3 (1980): The "A" side of the bands debut single on the Why Not label.
B4 (1978): Released on the Bonaparte Record label.
B5 (1979): 6-piece Manchester band, this single being released on their own armed force label.
B6 (1979): "B" side of this Jimmy Pursey produced single on the Warner Brothers label.
B7 (1979): Taken from a split single with Restricted Hours, released by Stevenage Rock Against Racism.
B8 (1979): Another split single on the Rok label. This single being shared with the Innocent Bystanders.
B9 (1979): Another Scottish band. this cut taken from their 3 track "The Freeze in colour" 7" EP on A1 Records.

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Various - Bloodstains Across The U.K. 4 - UK LP 1999 (Bloodstains - BSUK 4)Various - Bloodstains Across The U.K. 4 - UK LP 1999 (Bloodstains - BSUK 4)

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