Various - Bollox To The Gonads - Here's The Testicles

Various - Bollox To The Gonads - Here's The Testicles

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UK LP 1983 (Pax - PAX 14)

A1 Mau Maus - Just Another Day
A2 Savage Circle - Don't Do It
A3 Legion Of Parasites - Dying World
A4 Anti-System - Schoolboy
A5 P.S.A. - Yankee
A6 Xtract - (Waiting For The) Genocide
A7 Crude SS - Ingenskola
A8 Repulsive Alien - Say And Do
A9 Riot Squad - Police Power
A10 Savage Circle - We Don't Have To
A11 Subversion - God's A Fairytale
A12 Skeptix - Traitor
A13 P.S.A. - Nuclear Peace
A14 Mau Maus - Running With The Pack
A15 Instigators - Monkey Man
B1 Anti-System - Why Should It Happen
B2 Savage Circle - Kill Yourself
B3 Mau Maus - No Concern
B4 Canal Terror - Sausbauch
B5 Xtract - Blame It On The Youth
B6 P.S.A. - No War
B7 Instigators - Old Soldiers
B8 Savage Circle - Kill Corps
B9 Skeptix - Legion Of The Damned
B10 Subversion - Death Agony
B11 Riot Squad - Suspicion
B12 Crude SS - Vad Du S├Ąger, Vad Jag Jor
B13 P.S.A. - Black Work
B14 Legion Of Parasites - Death Watch
B15 Savage Circle - Hardcore Rules

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UK Indie Hit: 6, 13 wks


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