Various - Code Blue

Various - Code Blue

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US Tape 1984 (Last Rites - LR 003)

A1 Nadsat Rebel - Nosferatu
A2 Nadsat Rebel - Bounty
A3 Fu's - Ode To Larry Joe (Live 7/82)
A4 Rights Of The Accused - No Fun Till I'm 21
A5 Rights Of The Accused - Fuck Up
A6 White Flag - Festive Shapes
A7 White Flag - Paranoid
A8 White Flag - Question Of Intelligence
A9 No Response - No Future Blues
A10 Gross National Product - Death Farce
A11 Gross National Product - Twisted Cross
A12 Articles Of Faith - Buy This War (Live 1/6/84)
A13 Articles Of Faith - Surrogate (Live 1/6/84)
A14 Articles Of Faith - In Your Suit (Live 1/6/84)
A15 Suburban Mutilation - Menschen Begin
B1 Die Kreuzen - Fuck Up
B2 Die Kreuzen - Live Wire
B3 Die Kreuzen - Champs
B4 Out Of Order - Concerned
B5 Out Of Order - Survival Of The Fittest
B6 Naked Raygun - No Sex
B7 Naked Raygun - Only In America
B8 Big Black - Texas (Live, 11/83)
B9 Sacred Order - You Bastards
B10 Sacred Order - I'm Busy Lying
B11 Hüsker Dü - In A Free Land (Live Tucson, AZ 12/28/82)
B12 Hüsker Dü - Target (Live Tucson, AZ 12/28/82)
B13 Hüsker Dü - It's Not Funny Anymore (Live Tucson, AZ 12/28/82)
B14 Flesh Columns - Verbal Abuse
B15 Flesh Columns - Pay The Lord

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Thanks to Rod Mickelroyd for the images, much appreciated.


Various - Code Blue - US Tape 1984 (Last Rites - LR 003)

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