Various - Folk In Hell

Various - Folk In Hell

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UK Tape 1981 (Fuck Off - F.O. 008)

Version 1:

A1 A Pencil - Advertiser
A2 Instant Autos - Gillian
A3 No Comment - Think
A4 The Mob - Slayed
A5 The Astronauts - Behave
A6 Androids Of Mu - Cityscape
A7 Steve Lake - Dancin
A8 Educardo Brylcreme - My Gal
A9 Murphy Federation - Green Apples
B1 Mark Perry - Take It Easy
B2 Sir Alias - A Is For Artist
B3 Tasmin Smythe - Beat
B4 Working Men - Owd Yowe
B5 Here & Now - Nudge Up
B6 Mic Woods - Dreaming
B7 Blue Midnight - Infidelity
B8 Impossible Dreamers - I Woke Up

Version 2:

A1 Mark Perry - Take It Easy
A2 A Pencil - The Advertiser
A3 The Mob - No Doves Fly Here
A4 The Astronauts - Behave Yourself
A5 Impossible Dreamers - After Dark
A6 Tasmin – Sailor
A7 Vince Pie And The Crumbs – My Gal
B1 No Comment - Did You Really Think
B2 Celebrated Workmen – Blackleg Mine
B3 Androids Of Mu - Jungle Beast
B4 Steve Lake - Dancing
B5 Instant Automatons – Gillian Is Normal
B6 Murphy Federation - Lynch Party
B7 Here & Now - Nudge Up Double Delux
B8 Grosse Catastrophe – Dinosaur Sandwich
B9 Sir Alias - A Is For Artist

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Two versions of this tape, and you can read about it and download one of 'em here.


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