Various - Hits Greatest Stiffs

Hits Greatest Stiffs

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UK LP 1977 (Stiff - FIST 1)

A1 Nick Lowe - Heart Of The City 1:59
A2 Pink Fairies - Between The Lines 3:10
A3 Roogalator - Cincinnatti Fatback 6:14
A4 Tyla Gang - Styrofoam 2:37
A5 Tyla Gang - Texas Chainsaw Massacre Boogie 3:59
B1 Lew Lewis - Caravan Man 4:25
B2 Damned - Help 1:42
B3 Richard Hell - You Gotta Lose 3:29
B4 Plummet Airlines - This Is The World 2:00
B5 Motorhead - Leavin' Here 2:34
B6 Elvis Costello - Radio Sweetheart 2:48

Chart Placings



A1: BUY 1
Stiff release No 1. Issued 14 August 1976
Drums: Steve Golding
Everything else: Nick Lowe
Produced by Nick Lowe and Jake Riviera

A2: BUY 2
Larry Wallis - lead guitar/vocals
Russell Hunter - drums
Duncan Sanderson - bass guitar
Martin "Mad Dog" Stone - guitar
Produced by Everyone
Recorded at Pathway

A3: BUY 3
Danny Adler - guitar
Justin Hildreth - drums
Nick Plytas - piano
Julian Scott - bass
Produced by Tony Wilson
Remixed by Robin Scott

A4: BUY 4
Produced by Sean Tyla
Recorded at Rockfield

A5: BUY 4
Produced by Sean Tyla for Wreckyer Dansette Prods
Recorded at Pebble Beach

B1: BUY 5
Lew Lewis - vocals
Peter Zear and Lee Green - guitars
Johnny Ocean - bass
Bob Clouter - drums
Produced by Geoff Sham
Recorded at Feelgood Sound Studios, Canvey Island

B2: BUY 6
B1: BUY 5
Dave Vanian - vocals
Brian James - guitar
Captain Sensible - bass
Rat Scabies - drums
Produced by Nick Lowe for Leather Nun Prods
Recorded at Pathway

B3: BUY 7:
Richard Hell - vocals, bass
Marc Bell - drums
Joe Quine - guitar
Ivan Julian - guitar
Produced by Craig Leon and Richard Hell

B4: BUY 8
Darryl Hunt
Richard Booth
Duncan Kerr
Keith Gotheridge
Harry Stephenson
Produced by Sean Tyla for Dansette Wrecking Co
Recorded at Pathway

B5: BUY 9 Never issued
Lemmy - bass
Eddie Clark - guitar
Phil Taylor - drums
Produced by Motorhead
Recorded at Pebble Beach

B6: BUY 11
Produced by Nick Lowe

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Various - Hits Greatest Stiffs - UK LP 1977 (Stiff - FIST 1)Various - Hits Greatest Stiffs - UK LP 1977 (Stiff - FIST 1)

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