Various - Humans

Various - Humans

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UK LP 1981 (Human - HUMAN 4)

A1 Eddie Maelov And Sunshine Patteson - Times Are Hard
A2 Defunkt - Stranglin' Me With Your Love
A3 Au Pairs - Set-Up
A4 The Fall - Lie, Dream A Casino Soul
A5 Dangerous Girls - Stepout
A6 Hermine - T.V. Lovers
B1 The Higsons - I Don't Want To Live With Monkeys
B2 The Slits - Animal Space
B3 Girls At Our Best - Go For Gold
B4 Zeitgeist - Touch
B5 The Modettes - White Mice
B6 Palais Schaumberg - Telefon

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A1: Produced by Jones/Maelov/Patteson
A2: Produced by Joe Boyd
A3: Produced by Au Pairs
A4: Produced by Richard Mazda
A5: Produced by Bob Lamb/Dangerous Girls
A6: Produced by Colin Lay/Hermine Demoriane
B1: Produced by The Higsons
B2: Produced by Dennis Bovell/Disco/And The Slits
B3: Produced by Laurence Diana
B4: Produced by Rikki Sylvan
B5: Produced by Bob Black/David Cunningham
B6: Produced by Palais Schaumberg

Additional Credits

A1: A-Side of Times Are Hard 12" (Human), 1981
A2: B-Side of Razor's Edge 12" (Hannibal) 1980
A3: From Playing With A Different Sex LP (Human) 1981
A4: A-Side of Lie, Dream A Casino Soul 7" (Kamera) 1981
A5: A-Side of Step Out 7" (Human), 1981
A6: A-Side of T.V. Lovers 7" (Human), 1981
B1: A-Side of I Don't Want To Live With Monkeys 7" (Romans In Britain), 1981
B2: A-Side of Animal Space 7 " (Human), 1980
B3: A-Side of Go For Gold 7" (Happy Birthday) 1981
B4: A-Side of Touch 7" (Human), 1981
B5: B-Side of Kray Twins 7" (Human), 1981
B6: A-Side of Telephon 7" (Zickzack) 1981

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Various - Humans - UK LP 1981 (Human - HUMAN 4)Various - Humans - UK LP 1981 (Human - HUMAN 4)


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