Various - Killed By Death #13 Rare Punk 77-83

Various - Killed By Death #13 Rare Punk 77-83

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US LP 1993 (Redrum - KBD 13)

A1 Snot Puppies - TV Tantrum
A2 Snot Puppies - Towel Song
A3 The Blowdriers - Berkeley Farms
A4 Castration Squad - The X Girlfriend
A5 Fried Abortions - Joel Selvin
A6 The Screamers - If I Can't Have What I Want
A7 The Feederz - Peter Gun Theme
A8 Naked Lady Wrestlers - William Tell Overture
A9 Wasp Women - Kill Me / I Don't Need Your Attitude
B1 Tarts - Terminal Romance
B2 Tarts - All The Girls In The World
B3 Tarts - Disposable Girl
B4 Der Stab - Tracers
B5 Der Stab - It's Gray
B6 Citizen Fear - We Need Another Vietnam
B7 Inverted Triangle - White Night Riot
B8 Tanks - Manifest Destiny

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This volume of Killed By Death differs from the others in a few ways. It concentrates on just one region, California. And instead of containing previously released rare records, this one is culled from demo tapes, mostly from bands that never had any releases.

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Bootleg. Also the back cover has a Norwegian address, this is apparently a US release.


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