Formed: Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Arizona's Feederz burst on the scene in the late 70s with a series of pranks some astonishing records.

The Jesus EP had something to offend just about everybody: the key song, 'Jesus Entering From The Rear' was a frankly hilarious attack on organised religion that could also aggrieve homosexuals:

We nailed you to a cross, but you're still a fucking pain
Dead 2000 years, still can't get it through your brain
You're just a worthless corpse, you're just a pile of shit
Give me a couple of nails, and I'll ventilate your pit

Jesus entering from the rear
Fucking you in the ass
Just another faggot
In just another mass

We won't take it any more, we just won't take that trash
You're another stupid martyr with another rectal rash
We won't take you in the butt, we're just waiting for the when
We've got a lot of nails to do it to you again

You thought it would be cute, you thought it would be fun
But wait 'til I split your shitter with a soldering gun
Jesus on a plate, Jesus a la carte
Jesus under glass, just another fucking tart

Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss?, recorded after the band had moved to San Francisco, came with a sandpaper cover designed to destroy the sleeves of adjacent record sleeves in your collection. The music within was equally destructive, seventeen Molotov Cocktails aimed with unerring accuracy at bosses, religious leaders and other targets, with a ferociously tasteless intelligence. High-octane, slightly ramshackle jangle-noise guitars back up Frank's incredibly disdainful view of the world, which he expresses in a bizarre, demented approximation of a Cockney accent. Among the highlights are a new version of 'Jesus', a suitably menacing rendition of Spirit's '1984', and crazed originals like 'Bionic Girl', 'Games' and 'Burn Warehouse Burn'. A classic. If it were not so superbly constructed, the posthumous Teachers In Space might have suffered really badly from a lack of proper songs. Book-ended by samples from The 7 Faces Of Dr Lao and Network, the short album takes you from the 'Psyche Ward' to the 'Cancer Ward', stopping off for a delightful, mock-orchestral 'Transmission' along the way. Artier and more deliberately paced but no less psychotic, Frank's Jello Biafra-meets-Charles Manson sneer celebrates mischievous, unpredictable insurrection with alarmingly worded tirades like 'New Crime' and '50 Years', while 'Lost Patrol' speaks volumes without bothering with lyrics. The sheer strength of the overall concept suffices, summed up with the lyric: “If you can relate I've got something to share/A baseball bat for a little Care Bear.” The CD version (on Broken Rekids) contains a CD-ROM featuring forty minutes of live footage of the band from 1987, Frank performing with live crickets glued to his head and a dead dog and a dead cat hanging around his neck. Unfortunately, you don't get the stickers that came with the original LP.

After a run in with the authorities, Mr Discussion lived with Jello Biafra for a while. He repaid the former DK's mouthpiece by running off with his wife, the rotter.


Subsequent studio albums: Vandalism: Beautiful As A Rock In A Cop's Face (2002).

Singles / Albums

Feederz - Jesus Feederz - Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss? Feederz - Teachers In Space    
(7", 1980)
Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss? (LP, 1984) Teachers In Space
(LP, 1986)

Various Artists

Let Them Eat Jellybeans! US LP 1981 (Alternative Tentacles): Jesus Entering From The Rear

Killed By Death #13 (US LP 1993 (Redrum): Peter Gun Theme

Killed By Death #14 US LP 1998 (Redrum): Stop You Are Killing Me

Monumentally Retarded US CD 1998 (Burping Turds Musick): Stop You're Killing Me / Sometimes / Smile / Peter Gunn / Mommy's Gone / You're So Stupid





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