Various - Killed By Death #14

Various - Killed By Death #14

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US LP 1998 (Redrum - 14)

A1 Jimmy Smack - The Scarlet Beast
A2 Opus - The Atrocity
A3 Mirrors - Mirrors
A4 Jimi Lalumia & The Psychotic Frogs - Eleanore Riby
A5 Vomit Visions - Someone
A6 Plastic Idols - Uncircumsised Twins
A7 Widows - Overscrupolous
A8 Wetnurse - Bar Wars
A9 Mecano Ltd - Face Cover Face
A10 Lost Generation - Never Work
B1 Reactors - I Want Sex
B2 Railbirds - Go To Hell
B3 Vom - Punk Mobile
B4 Feederz - Stop You Are Killing Me
B5 Puncture - Mucky Pup
B6 Stoned - Nazi
B7 Nuclear Crayons - Outsider
B8 Starshooter - Quelle Crise Baby
B9 Vomit Visions - Punks Are The Old Farts Of Today
B10 Rock Bottom & The Spys - Rich Girl
B11 Rock Bottom & The Spys - No Good

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Additional Credits

A1: From the Death Or Glory 7" E.P. (Star Theatre Production, US, 1982)
A2: A-Side of The Atrocity 7" (Catatonic, US, 1979)
A3: B-Side of Shōgeki-X 7" (Gozira, Japan, 1978)
A4: From the Typically Tasteless 7" E.P. (Death, US, 1979)
A5: B-Side of the Too Late 7" (Vomit Visions, Germany, 1981)
A6: From the B-Side of Einstein Experience 7" (Vision, US, 1980)
A7: A-Side of Overscrupolous 7" (Love, Finland, 1979)
A8: A-Side of Bar Wars 7" (no label, US, 1980)
A9: A-Side ofFace Cover Face 7" (No Fun, Holland, 1978)
A10: From the Never Work 7" E.P. (Incas, US, 1982)
B1: B-Side of Seduction Center 7" (Meltdown Music, US, 1979)
B2: From double 7-Inch compilation E.P. (KIng Kong, Holland, 1979)
B3: From the Live At Surf City 7" E.P. (White Noise, US, 1978)
B4: From the Jesus 7" E.P. (Anxiety, US, 1980)
B5: A-Side of Mucky Pup 7" (Small Wonder, UK, 1977)
B6: according to this page here, "actually an unreleased Ice 9 track from around 1979 I guess"
B7: From Nameless E.P. 7" (Outside, US, 1982)
B8: B-Side of Pin-Up Blonde 7" (Pathé Marconi EMI, France, 1977)
B9: From the Punks Are The Old Farts Of Today 7" E.P. (Rock-O-Rama, Germany, 1980)
B10-B11: From the Rich Girl 7" (Bottoms Up, US, 1981)

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Various - Killed By Death #14 - US LP 1998 (Redrum - 14)Various - Killed By Death #14 - US LP 1998 (Redrum - 14)

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