Various - The Last Stiff Compilation

Various - The Last Stiff Compilation

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US LP 1980 (Stiff - USE 3)

A1 Dexys Midnight Runners - Dance Stance
A2 Lew Lewis Reformer - Win Or Lose
A3 The Cure - Jumping Someone Else`s Train
A4 Madness - Bed And Breakfast Man
A5 Any Trouble - The Hurt
A6 Mo-Dettes - White Mice
A7 John Otway - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence
B1 Anthony More - Judy Get Down
B2 Lori & The Chameleons - Touch
B3 Wreckless Eric - Hit And Miss Judy
B4 The Chords - Maybe Tomorrow
B5 Motörhead - No Class
B6 Cockney Rejects - Flares `N` Slippers
B7 The Damned - Smash It Up

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