Various - Let's Get Pissed - It's Christmas

Let's Get Pissed

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UK LP 1984 (Cult - Cult 1)

A1 Bristles - Coming Back
A2 Riot Squad - Hate The Law
A3 Drongos For Europe - Can't Afford To Fall
A4 Oi Polloi - Silent Minority
A5 Terveet Kädet - City And Stars
A6 Existenz - Man Of His Own
A7 Crude SS - Forced Values
A8 Paranoia - Robots
B1 Terveet Kädet - Outsider
B2 Drongos For Europe - Dresden
B3 Oi Polloi - Boot Down The Doors
B4 Crude SS - Sick Pleasure
B5 Bristles - Lonely
B6 Riot Squad - Hidden Fear
B7 Existenz - Good Time

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