Oi Polloi - OI POLLOI

Formed: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

This band still gigs and records to this day.


Subsequent studio albums: Mad As... (split with Toxik Ephex, 1987), In Defence of Our Earth (1990), Fuaim Catha (1996), Ar Ceòl Ar Cànan Ar-A-Mach (2006), Total Resistance To The Fucking System (2008), SS Politician (2010), Duisg! (2012), Saorsa (2016).

Singles / Albums

Oi Polloi - Resist The Atomic Menace Oi Polloi - Unlimited Genocide Oi Polloi - Skins 'N' Punks - Volume Two Oi Polloi - Unite And Win!  
Resist The Atomic Menace
(7", 1986)
Unlimited Genocide (LP, split with A.O.A., 1986) Skins 'N' Punks - Volume Two
(LP, split with Betrayed, 1986)
Unite And Win!
(LP, 1987)

Extraneous Releases

Oi Polloi - Outraged By The Atomic Menace Oi Polloi - Total Anarchoi (The Live And Studio Collection) Oi Polloi - Fight Back! Oi Polloi - Punx 'N' Skins EP Oi Polloi - Six Of The Best
Outraged By The Atomic Menace
(LP, 1990)
Total Anarchoi (The Live And Studio Collection)
(CD, 1992)
Fight Back!
(LP, 1995)
Punx 'N' Skins EP
(7" 1996)
Six Of The Best
(CD, 2001)
Oi Polloi - Pigs For Slaughter        
Pigs For Slaughter - 20 Years of Anarcho-Punk Chaos
(CD, 2004)

Various Artists

Cordial 1 UK Tape c.1982 (Pax Products): Police State / Smash The State

Rot In Hell UK LP 1984 (Rot): Thugs In Uniform / Never Give In

On The Street UK LP 1984 (Sane): Punx 'n' Skinz

Let's Get Pissed - It's Christmas UK LP 1984 (Rot): Silent Minority / Boot Down The Doors

Symphonies For The Disaffected UK Tape 1985 (Beer Belly Tapes): Ain't No Feeble Bastard

Compulsory Overtime US LP 1985 (Dasein): Thugs In Uniform / Never Give In

Crisis, What Crisis? UK Tape 1985 (Music Not Profit): Pigs For Slaughter

This Is Oi! (A Streetpunk Compilation) UK LP 1986 (Oi! Records): Minority Authority / Skinhead

We Wont Be Your Fucking Poor UK 2xLP 1986 (Mortarhate): No Filthy Nuclear Power

The End Of An Era UK 2xLP 1988 (Rot): Thugs In Uniform / Never Give In

"Get Lost!" UK Tape ???? (Greenhouse Tapes): No Nuclear Power / Poppy Day

Punk - Past, Present And Future ... The Released Emotions Compilation (1988-1993) UK CD 1993 (Released Emotions): Scum

Rot Records Punk Collection UK CD 1994 (Anagram): Boot Down The Doors

The Best Of Oi! Records UK CD 1995 (Captain Oi!): Skinhead

Anti-Society: Anarcho Punk Compilation Vol. 3 UK CD 2006 (Overground): Stop Vivisection Now

Zero Hour (Consume Less Live More) UK/Europe/US LP ???? (Flat Earth/Skuld /Tribal War/Interfearance): Death By Night






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