Various - Life Is Beautiful So Why Not Eat Health Foods?

Various - Life Is Beautiful So Why Not Eat Health Foods?

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US LP 1983 (New Underground - NU-44)

A1 Bags - We Will Bury You
A2 Anti - Up At Four
A3 Anti - Repressed Agression (My Smile Is A Mask)
A4 Shattered Faith - Victims Of Society
A5 Shattered Faith - Short-Haired Thugs
A6 Shattered Faith - What Happened?
A7 China White - Danger Zone
A8 M.I.A. - Last Day At The Races
A9 M.I.A. - Missing Or Captured
A10 Ill Will - Ill Will Theme Song
A11 Ill Will - Mr. Government
A12 The Germs - Media Blitz
A13 The Germs - What We Do Is Secret (Live at the Hong Kong Cafe)
B1 Minutemen - Prelude
B2 Bpeople - I Said Everybody
B3 Mood of Defiance - Girl In A Painting Part 2
B4 Mood of Defiance - Flower Child
B5 Invisible Chains - Einsteins Followers
B6 Marshall Mellow - Marshmellow Children
B7 Zurich 1916 - Sugars Sugar
B8 Zurich 1916 - Interconnected Amplifier Feedback Loop Piece #2 Section E
B9 Vox Pop - Good Times Pt. 1
B10 Vox Pop - Paint It Black
B11 Powertrip - Iron Horse

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Assembled by Gary Kail & Dan Phillips for N.U. Rex
Special Assistance – Neill
Front Cover Drawing - Ray Pettibon
Back Cover Design – Gary Kail
Mastered at K Disc

A1: Bags
Alice - Vocals
Craig Lee - Guitar
Patricia - Bass
Rob Ritter - Guitar
Terry "Bag" Dad - Drums

A2-A3: Anti
Bert Orlando - Vocals & Guitar
Gary Kail - Guitar
Danny Phillips - Bass & Vocals
John McCarthy - Drums

A4-A6: Shattered Faith
Goblin - Vocals
Kerry Martinez - Guitar
Spencer Alston - Bass & Vocals
Richard "Skitchblade" Katchadorian - Drums

A7: China White
Mark Martin - Vocals
Frank Raffino - Guitar
James Rodriguez - Bass
Joey Raffino - Drums

A8-A9: M.I.A.
Joey - Vocals
John Morris - Bass
P.J. Galligan - Lead Guitar
Dave Casillas - Guitar
Johnny Brewton - Drums

A10-A11: Ill Will
Devin Ernest - Vocals
Sheldon Keller - Guitar
Brian Ramsey - Bass
Mark Haley - Drums

A12-A13: The Germs
Darby Crash - Vocals
Pat Smear - Guitar
Lorna Doom - Bass
Don Boles - Drums

B1: Minutemen
D. Boon - Guitar
Mike Watt - Bass
George Hurley - Drums

B2: Bpeople
Alex Gibson - Vocals & Guitar
Fredrik Nilson - Bass & Background Vocals
Pat Delaney - Sax & Wasp Synthesizer
Tom Reccion - Drums

B3-B4: Mood of Defiance
Hatha - Vocals
Gary Kail - Bass
Danny Phillips - Guitar
Thaddeus - Drums

B5: Invisible Chains
Joey #8 - Guitar, Nose Vocals
Dan Cheapscate Dobrain - Bass
Happy Hect - Cassiotione
Allen Heart - Pitch, Drums & Cymbal
Grey Tracy – Drums

B6: Marshall Mellow
Marshall Mellow - Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

B7-B8: Zurich 1916
Girl - Poem & Percussion
Gary Kail - Tape Manipulations, Processing, Percussion & General Brainstorming

B9-B10: Vox Pop
Mary - Vocals
Jeff Dahl - Guitar
Don Bolles - Bass
Paul B. Cutler - Drums

B11: Powertrip
Jeff Dahl - Vocals
Mike Bailey - Guitar
John Bliss - Bass
John Duffy - Drums

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Various - Life Is Beautiful So Why Not Eat Health Foods? - US LP 1983 (New Underground - NU-44) Various - Life Is Beautiful So Why Not Eat Health Foods? - US LP 1983 (New Underground - NU-44)

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