Various - Meathouse 1

Various - Meathouse 1

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US Tape 1982 (Version Sound - C60002)
UK Tape 1982 (Version Sound UK/Broken Skull Tapes - VSUK 001)

A1 Minutemen - Split Red
A2 Minutemen - Base King
A3 Minutemen - Prelude
A4 JFA - Skateboard
A5 JFA - Baja
A6 JFA - Out Of School
A7 Red Scare - Don't Look In The Basement
A8 Red Scare - Red Rum
A9 Scapegoats - Fingers
A10 Scapegoats - I Like The Street
A11 Mourning Noise - Underground Zero
A12 Battalion Of Saints - Holy Vision
A13 Battalion Of Saints - Witchworld
A14 The Crucifucks - Hinkley Had A Vision
A15 Rebel Truth - Think About It
A16 The Mob - Hit And Run
A17 The Delinquents - Metalheads
A19 Betrayed - Betrayed By You
A20 Betrayed - Fight For You
A21 Betrayed - Self Oppression
B1 Blight - Blight
B2 Tar Babies - Be Humble
B3 Tar Babies - New Poor
B4 Mecht Mensch - Land Of The Brave
B5 Mecht Mensch - Revenge
B6 Mecht Mensch - Gov't Lies
B7 Law And Order - Money
B8 Radical Left - Society Hates You
B9 Radical Left - Mash
B10 Radical Left - La La
B11 Savage Circle - Eat The Rich
B12 Savage Circle - We Don't Have To
B13 Negative Element - National Socialism
B14 Rights Of The Accused - No Fun Til I'm 21
B15 Suburbicide - Fugitive
B16 Sacred Order - Sacred Order
B17 Capitol Punishment - Clovis
B18 The Bollocks - Riot On The Rocks
B19 The End - Star Whores
B20 Sin 34 - Who Needs Them?
B21 Exiled - Louie Louie

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TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #3, NOVEMBER 1982: The follow-up to Charred Remains. This compilation features 26 bands, including JFA, the CRUCIFUCKS, RED SCARE, MOURING NOISE, BATTALION OF SAINTS, MECHT MENSCH, RIGHTS OF THE ACCUSED, SIN 34, NEGATIVE ELEMENT, the MOB, REBEL TRUTH, and on and on… You can’t go wrong here.

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Various - Meathouse 1 - US Tape 1982 (Version Sound - C60002)

US Tape 1982 (Version Sound - C60002)

Various - Meathouse 1 - UK Tape 1982 (Version Sound UK/Broken Skull Tapes	- VSUK 001)

UK Tape 1982 (Version Sound UK/Broken Skull Tapes - VSUK 001)


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