Various - Meathouse 1

Various - Meathouse 1

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US Tape 1982 (Version Sound - C60002)
UK Tape 1982 (Version Sound UK/Broken Skull Tapes - VSUK 001)

A1 Minutemen - Split Red
A2 Minutemen - Base King
A3 Minutemen - Prelude
A4 JFA - Skateboard
A5 JFA - Baja
A6 JFA - Out Of School
A7 Red Scare - Don't Look In The Basement
A8 Red Scare - Red Rum
A9 Scapegoats - Fingers
A10 Scapegoats - I Like The Street
A11 Mourning Noise - Underground Zero
A12 Battalion Of Saints - Holy Vision
A13 Battalion Of Saints - Witchworld
A14 The Crucifucks - Hinkley Had A Vision
A15 Rebel Truth - Think About It
A16 The Mob - Hit And Run
A17 The Delinquents - Metalheads
A19 Betrayed - Betrayed By You
A20 Betrayed - Fight For You
A21 Betrayed - Self Oppression
B1 Blight - Blight
B2 Tar Babies - Be Humble
B3 Tar Babies - New Poor
B4 Mecht Mensch - Land Of The Brave
B5 Mecht Mensch - Revenge
B6 Mecht Mensch - Gov't Lies
B7 Law And Order - Money
B8 Radical Left - Society Hates You
B9 Radical Left - Mash
B10 Radical Left - La La
B11 Savage Circle - Eat The Rich
B12 Savage Circle - We Don't Have To
B13 Negative Element - National Socialism
B14 Rights Of The Accused - No Fun Til I'm 21
B15 Suburbicide - Fugitive
B16 Sacred Order - Sacred Order
B17 Capitol Punishment - Clovis
B18 The Bollocks - Riot On The Rocks
B19 The End - Star Whores
B20 Sin 34 - Who Needs Them?
B21 Exiled - Louie Louie

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