Various - Mystic Sampler #2

Various - Mystic Sampler #2

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US LP 1985 (Mystic - MLP33127)

A1 Agression - Rich Kids
A2 The G.R.I.M. - Saipan Death March
A3 Rat Pack - Tell Me How
A4 Ill Repute - Party Animal
A5 Slaughterhouse 5 - Kill The Dead
A6 Flower Leperds - Preacher's Confession
B1 Party Doll - Sunshine Of Your Love
B2 Doggy Style - Rookie Cop
B3 Dr. Know - The Intruder
B4 Membranes - Hollywood Girl
B5 R.K.L. - Evil In You
B6 Corpus Delecti - Child Child
B7 Subterfuge - Darling

Chart Placings



A1: From Agression Story [sic] LP (MLP 33136)
Mark Hickey: vocals
Henry Knowles: guitar
Big Bob: bass
Maek Aber: drums

A2: From Getting Revenge In 'Merica LP (MLP MINI 01)
Bob Oedy: guitar
Shaun James: bass
Jordan Lieberman: drums
Tiny Tim: guitar

A3: From Nardcore LP (MLP 33135)
Dave Casillas: guitar
Alpo: bass
Chris Rest: guitar
Matt Davis: vocals

A4: From Party Animal LP (MLP 33137)
John Phaneuf: vocals
Tony Cortez: lead guitar
Carl Valdez: drums
Jim Callahan: bass

A5: From Let's Die LP (MLP 33131)
Rod: drums
Greg Korzen: guitar
Michael: guitar
China: vocals

A6: From It Came From Slimey Valley LP (GTO33001)
Jeff Wolf: guitars
Mark Olsen: vocals
Robin: drums
Dick Jism: bass

B1: From Covers LP (MLP 33132)
Sindie: vocals
David Krocker: guitar
Richard Vreede: bass
Chuy: drums

B2: From Cop II Cop MLP (MLP 33133)
Brad Xavier: vocals
Luis Gaez: drums
Ray Jimenez: bass
Ed Caudill: guitar
Mike Shaefer: guitar

B3: From Dr. Know MLP (MLP MINI 06)
Kyle Toucher: vocals, guitar
Rik Heller: drums
Ismael Hernandez: bass
Fred Mataquin: rhythm guitars

B4: From Sound Of Hollywood Noise LP (MLP 33140)
Tom Komisar: bass
Eric Skou: drums
Franklin Adrean: voc
Ed D. No: guitar

B5: From Return To Slimey Valley LP
Jason: vocals
Bomber: drums
Chris: guitar
Vince: bass

B6: From Joy Of Living LP (M 124520)
R.J.V.: vocals, guitar, synth
John Orloff: guitars
Mike Payan: bass
Cesar Fernandez: drums
Jeff Johnson: sax

B7: From Who's The Fool LP (MLP MINI 03)
Mark Souter: vocals
Gig: guitars
Robert Picardo: drums
Johnathan Bush: bass

A Doug Moody Production
Engineers: Philip Raves, Steve Brenner, Michawl Boshears, Doug Moody
Recorded at Mystic Studios, Hollyood, CA
Layout: Mark Wheaton

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Additional Notes

Blue vinyl. Later issued as twofer CD along with Mystic Sampler #1.


Various - Mystic Sampler #2 - US LP 1985 (Mystic - MLP33127)Various - Mystic Sampler #2 - US LP 1985 (Mystic - MLP33127)

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