Formed: Los Angeles, California, USA

Punky types. Tony Adolescent of the Adolescents joined in 1987 and in between 1988 and 1990 released four LPs. A load of this 1988-1990 material was compiled on More Songs About Dames, Dope, And Debauchery.

Original Lineup:

Cuss Varmint (ex-Modern Industry, pre-Abandoned)
Mario Valencia
Mark Roth - vocals
Robin Cruz - drums (initially replaced by Mark Banks)
Jeff Wolfe - lead guitar

Lineup 1985:

Mark Olson - vocals
Jeff Wolfe - lead guitar, backing vocals
Shane Enholm - guitar
Dick Jism - bass
Mark Duda - drums (ex-Modern Industry)


Subsequent studio albums: Dirges In The Dark (1987), Heaven's Closed (1988), One Miserable Bastard On A Pencil / The Starving Artists Sessions (1988), Purple Reign (1990).

Singles / Albums

Flower Leperds - Flower Leperds      
Flower Leperds
(7", 1985)

Extraneous Releases

Flower Leperds - The Original Group        
The Original Group
(LP, 1990)


Various Artists

It Came From Slimey Valley US LP 1984 (Ghetto-Way GTOLP 33001): Preacher's Confession / Death Of Two Lovers

Mystic Sampler #2 US LP 1985 (Mystic): Preacher's Confession

Mystic Super Seven Sampler #1 US 7" 1986 (Mystic): Riding The Blade


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