Various - Punk Is...

Various - Punk Is...

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UK Tape 1983 (Xcentric Noise - XNT 3)

A1 Born BC - Intro
A2 Cult Maniax - Satan's Children
A3 Xpozez - Nothing To Say
A4 Idiooti - Kultainen 60/Luka
A5 Kaaos - Kyat
A6 Acxo - Contacto
A7 Born BC - Prostitute
A8 Fiori Del Male - Faccia
A9 Stoned Rayzens - Split Wrists
A10 Cólera - Suburbio Geral
A11 Cólera - Joao
A12 Asylum - White Trash
A13 Xpozez - Nightclub Strategy
B1 Cadgers - Kaaosta
B2 Cult Maniax - Blitz
B3 Hitler SS - Naked
B4 Born BC - Free Me
B5 Kaaos - Tulevaisuus
B6 Asylum - Police Brutality
B7 Idiooti - Seuraplirihuora
B8 Xpozez - Terminal Case
B9 Fiori Del Male - IV Reich
B10 Acxo - Antos De Deco
B11 Xpozez - No War
B12 Hitler SS - Somebody Said That Punk Was Dead/No Solution

Chart Placings



Cult Maniax:
Foxy (bass), Paul (lead)
Mildu (drums), Big Al (vocals)

Kake (voice)
Jakke (guitar)
Pena (bass)
Timpa (drums)

Lateri (voice)
Stydy (guitar)
Raipe (bass)
Piise (drums)

Cólera and Acxo:
3 piece Brazillian punk bands.

Stoned Rayzens:
Gaz vocal. Arv bass. Dean guit. John drum.

W. Kuurinmaa (drums)
J. Säteri (scream + guitar)
? (bass) ?

Fiori Del Male:
Italian punk.

Hitler SS is.........
Miss Rox - the Voice. age 12.
ROMmelectric guitar. ex London SS
Plastic girl - Drumose. howls. ex London SS
Sid Delicious - electric bass. "ex London SS"
Paris - ex-191'ers. electric guitareffects. age 15.

Beano mouth
Skin machine gun
Slate lead
Bret stix

Born BC:
Vocals Mr (Lee) Potter
Guitar Ranus
Bass Ian Shilling
Drums Glen Lyon

Reviews & Opinions

TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #2, SEPTEMBER 1982: Twenty-six hardcore punk and abrasive post-punk cuts from Sweden, Finland, Italy, Brazil, Norway, England and the U.S. Sound quality varies. A must for those who want to keep-up with the worldwide spread of the punk plague.

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