The Xpozez (Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England, UK)

Formed: Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England, UK

The Xpozez (Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England, UK)

ABOVE: Photo of Lineup 3

Lineup 1 (1981):

Voice: Tez X (real name Andy Turner)
Drums: Heppy
Guitar: Nog (real name Nigel Hurst)
Bass: Trimble (real name Andrew Turnbull)

Lineup 2 (1982):

Voice: Tez X
Drums: Heppy
Guitar: Marcus DP (aka Marcus Dosspan)
Bass: Trimble

Lineup 3 (1982):

Voice: Tez X
Drums: Heppy
Guitar: Marcus DP
Guitar: Sim (real name Simon Turner)
Bass: Trimble

Lineup 4 (1983-1984):

Voice: Tez X
Drums: Qndy Brooky (Criminal Justice)
Guitar: Neil Dickinson (All Over The Carpet/Criminal Justice)
Bass: Trimble

Tez X and Trimble went onto join Instigators, with Trimble thereafter joining Aftermath and Hellkrusher.



Singles / Albums

The Xpozez - Systems Kill E.P. The Xpozez - 1,000 Marching Feet The Xpozez - (Be My) New York Doll The Xpozez - Burntout Youth The Xpozez - Forcefed The Truth Drug E.P.
Systems Kill E.P.
(7", 1981)
1,000 Marching Feet
(7", 1982)
(Be My) New York Doll
(7", 1983)
Burntout Youth
(7", 1984)
Forcefed The Truth Drug EP
(7", 1985)

Extraneous Releases

The Xpozez - Back On The Streets The Xpozez - Democrazy The Xpozez - Demo Recordings 1981-1983 The Xpozez - Anthology The Xpozez - Singles Kill L.P.
Back On The Streets
(CD, 2001)
(7", 2002)
Demo Recordings 1981-1983
(CD, 2005)
(CD, 2015)
Singles Kill L.P.
(LP, 2018)

Tapes & Demos

The Xpozez - Demo 81
The Xpozez - Lit Up - Burnt Out The Xpozez - European Promo The Xpozez - 22 Songs  
Demo 81
(Tape, demo, 1981)
Lit Up - Burnt Out
(Tape, 1983)
European Promo
(Tape, 1984)
22 Songs
(Tape, 1985)

Various Artists

Punk Dead - Nah Mate, The Smell Is Jus Summink In Yer Underpants Innit UK LP 1983 (Pax): Factory Fodder / No Respect

Subversive Elements UK Tape 1982 (Social Disorder): tracks unknown

Punk Is... UK Tape 1983 (Xcentric Noise): Nothing To Say / Nightclub Strategy / Terminal Case / No War

Ere Whats This Volume One UK Tape 1983 (U.K. Tapes): Burnt Out Youth / Deformation Dancing / No War / Democrazy

Tribal Rantings UK Tape 1983 (Peaceville Tapes): Cocksucker / Nightclub Strategy / No War

Religious Vomit UK Tape 1983 (Public Disturbance): Nothing To Say / Nightclub Strategy

I Thrash, Therefore I Am US Tape 1985 (BCT): Democracy / My Generation / Night Club Strategy / Skitzofrenia

A Potential Migraine UK Tape 1984 (Raising Hell Zine/Rabid Councillor Tapes): It's All Been Done Before / Deformation Dancing

Hate Humanity-8U - Another Crummy Comp UK Tape 1984 (Crummy Stuff): All Been Done Before / Democrazy

Statements UK Tape 1985 (CL.PR): Seditionaries / Democrazy

Stepping Stone To Insanity UK Tape 1985 (Stepping Stone to Insanity): New York Doll / It's All Been Done Before / My Generation / Cocksucker

Punk.... The Acquired Taste UK Tape 1980s (Rentaracket): 1000 Marching Feet / Burntout Youth / Deformation Dancing

Shine On - A Compilation UK Tape 1980s: Burnt Out Youth / Deformation Dancing

It Can Work... Tape 1980s (Freedom Tapes): Typefit / Seditionaries / Fuck Off Ivette Doll







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