Various - Punk Lives! Let's Slam 2

Various - Punk Lives! Let's Slam 2

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UK LP 1986 (Slam - SLAM 3)

A1 Jive Turkey - Giro Day
A2 Sad Society - Contaminate
A3 Atrox - Seeing Blind Dead
A4 The Disturbed - Presidents Dead
A5 Perjury - Spend, Spend, Spend
A6 Rejected - Boys In Blue
B1 Atrox - Protest with Action
B2 Sad Society - Don't Say
B3 Jive Turkey - Never Say Goodbye Johnny Ray
B4 Perjury - One Too Many
B5 The Disturbed - Ridicule
B6 Rejected - Rape

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Given the dire Punk Lives! Let's Slam, I wasn't expecting much, but this is actually enjoyable! No heavy metal influence, just straight forward punk rock. Nothing here is especially original, but some of the material is very strong. Check out Jive Turkey's 'Never Say Goodbye Johnny Ray', which is nothing short of exceptional (especially in the vocal department), and the two cuts by Sad Society, where are very good indeed.

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Reissued on CD as part of a twofer: Punk Lives Let's Slam.


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