Various - Rock Against The Bomb 'Live'

Various - Rock Against The Bomb 'Live'

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UK Tape 1982 (no label - no cat no)

Protest Side
A1 Astronauts - Dance In The Yard
A2 Astronauts - Everything Stops For Baby
A3 Astronauts - Moderation Is Boring
A4 Astronauts - We Were Talking
A5 Astronauts - Survivors
A6 Astronauts - Young Mans World
A7 Instant Automatons - The World Keeps Turning
A8 Instant Automatons - Invertibrates
A9 Instant Automatons - Monotony
A10 Instant Automatons - Baby Burn Your Clothes
A11 Murphy Federation - Rubbish
A12 Murphy Federation - Madras Boy
Survive Side
B1 Nice People - Indian Song
B2 Nice People - Instrumental
B3 Nice People - The Great Rum Riff
B4 Nice People - Macbeth
B5 Zounds - Cant Cheat Karma
B6 Zounds - Fear
B7 Zounds - I Don't Belong
B8 Zounds - My Mummys Gone
B9 Zounds - Target
B10 Zounds - War
B11 Zounds - Subvert
B12 Zounds - Demystification
B13 Zounds - Great White Hunter

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Love and a million thanks to evertone who helped make this tape possible - specially the bands who supplied the tapes and a lota great gigs (sone in aid of CND) - Deleted Records and Fuck Off Records for help and inspitration. Special thanks to J.B., Protag, Ian, Martha and John & Neil

This tape has been Produced by members of Retford CND to raise money for action in our area.

Live from Huddersfield Poly, May 1981

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