Zounds (Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK) - Discography

Formed: Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK

Melodic anarcho band, formed in Oxford in 1977 but swiftly moved to London and enjoyed much indie success, leaving behind at least two classic singles and a terrific LP.

Classic Lineup (1979-1982):

Vocals/Bass - Steve Lake
Guitar - Laurence Wood
Drums - Josef Portar (real name Gary James Hatcher)

Tim from The Mob was also involved with the band after this lineup dissolved. After Zounds split, Lake, Wood and Godwin formed The World Service, which lasted two or three year, leaving behind a single on Rough Trade. After this Lake joined The Relatives before going solo. Portar joined The Mob, and then formed folk-punk combo Blyth Power. Lake reformed Zounds in 2007 but no other members from the 78-82 period were involved.



Subsequent studio albums: The Redemption Of Zounds (2011).

Singles & Albums

Can't Cheat KarmaCan't Cheat Karma (7", 1980)

DemystificationDemystification (7", 1981)

The Curse Of ZoundsThe Curse Of Zounds! (LP, 1981)

DancingDancing (7", 1982)

More Trouble Coming Every DayMore Trouble Coming Every Day (7", 1982)

Extraneous Releases

La Vache Qui RitLa Vache Qui Rit (7", 1982)

ZoundsZounds (LP, 1983)

Zounds - The Curse Of Zounds! + SinglesThe Curse Of Zounds! + Singles (CD, 1993)

Zounds - The Curse Of Zounds! DiscographyThe Curse Of Zounds! Discography (CD, 2007)

Zounds - Singles & EPs 1980-1984Singles & EPs 1980-1984 (5x7", box set, 2011)

Can't Cheat Karma LPCan't Cheat Karma (LP, 2019)

Various Artists

Morrocci Klung! - September 1981 UK Tape 1981 (Morrocci Klung!): Interview (With Excerpts From "The Curse Of Zounds")

Composed Bananas Vol. 1 (Big Banana Productions): Dancing

Slightly Weirdsville UK Tape 1981 (Fuck Off): I Made It Happen / Holland Park (live)

Music For Pressure UK Tape 1981 (Fuck Off): Fatigue

Cross Current: Rough Trade Greatest Hits Italy LP 1981 (Base/Rough Trade): Demystification

Oxide Addicts - Pets For Cassettes UK Tape 1982 (Monitor Music): Little Bit More / I Am The Great White Hunter

Rock Against The Bomb 'Live' UK Tape 1982 (Deleted/Fuck Off): Cant Cheat Karma / Fear / I Don't Belong / My Mummys Gone / Target / War / Subvert / Demystification / Great White Hunter

A Tribute To Bert Weedon UK Tape 1982 (Weird Tales): Angels / Ugly Vomit / Wolves / Can't Cheat Karma / Holland Park / Bats / Forgery / Hands To Time / I Made It Happen

Cascades 82 France Tape 1982 (VISA): Dirty Squatters

Rough Streets Greece LP 1983 (Rough Trade/Music-Box): True Love

Clear Cut 5 Japan LP 1983 (Rough Trade): More Trouble Coming Every Day

Rough Trade Deutschland Germany LP 1983 (Rough Trade): More Trouble Coming Every Day

God Save Us From The USA UK LP 1987 (Happy MIke): Demystification

1984 And All That... UK Tape 1980s (no label): Subvert

A-Sides (Part One. 1979/1982) UK CD 1992 (Crass): Can't Cheat Karma

Holidays In The Sun Vol. 2 UK CD 2001 (Anagram): This Land

Anti-War: Anarcho Punk Compilation Vol. 1 UK CD 2005 (Overground): War




Scannerzine - Interview: Steve Lake - Zounds

Steve Lake– Zounds - Interview from 2015




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