Various - Something To Believe In

Something To Believe In

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US LP 1984 (Better Youth Organization - BYO 004)

A1 The Nils - Scratches And Needles
A2 Rigor Mortis - Silent Scream
A3 Big Boys - History
A4 Unwanted - Tanks Keep Rolling
A5 Tourists - Memories
A6 Kraut - Pyramids
A7 Youth Brigade - Care
A8 Youth Youth Youth - Domination
B1 S.N.F.U. - Womanizer
B2 Personality Crisis - Piss On You
B3 Channel 3 - Indian Summer
B4 Young Lions - In A Field
B5 Zeroption - Realpolitik
B6 D.O.A. - Tits On The Beach
B7 7 Seconds - Out Of Touch
B8 Stretch Marks - Foreign Policies

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Many tracks reissued on CD as Someone's Gonna Get Their Head To Believe In Something.


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