Various - The Sound Of Hollywood #3 - COPulation

Various - The Sound Of Hollywood #3 - COPulation

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US LP 1984 (Mystic - MLP 33128)

A1 Dr. Know - Egomaniac
A2 Sado Nation - Fear Of Failure
A3 S.V.D.B. - Your Friendly Local Police
A4 The Authorities - I Have Cops
A5 Government Issue - No Rights
A6 Ill Repute - Lust Bust
A7 Mentors - Police Hotel
A8 Black Flag - Police Story
A9 White Flag - Shattered Badge
B1 Agression - Slamming At The Curb
B2 The Stain - Flashing Reds
B3 America's Hardcore - Cops Are Criminals
B4 Würm - I'm Taking Over
B5 Manifest Destiny - Protect And Serve
B6 Aryan Disgrace - L.A.P.D.
B7 Grim - Government Man
B8 Crank Shaft - License To Kill
B9 New Regime - Night Stix

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As a promotional gimmick, some came with actual 'Police Line Do Not Cross' tape shoved into package


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