Various - Ten From The Madhouse

Various - Ten From The Madhouse

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UK LP 1981 (No Peer - NP 001)
UK CDR ???? (Retro - no cat no)

1 Quarta Lite - Modern Times
2 Freudian Slip - Hideaway
3 Chanting In Tibet - Snowfall
4 21 Miles - Out Of The Roach
5 The Hoax - Now We Are Heroes
6 Darkness - Religion
7 Militia - Confused
8 The Insane - Nuclear War
9 Just Phase - You Cant Tell Me Anything
10 Typhus - Strange Feelings

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Recorded at Graveyard Sounds Manchester
Cargo Rochdale
Sunset Sound Blackpool
Hologam Stockport

Compiled by Haydn Walker

Thanks to Mark Bernie Stuart Pete and Herbie

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