Formed: Manchester, England, UK


Singer Ian Chambers, guitarist Andy Farley (aka Jeremy Albert Fox) and bassist Steve Mardy formed an un-named band in Manchester in 1978, playing their first gig at the Highland Laddie pub in Ashton-Under-Lyne. They became The Hoax with the addition of drummer Mike Joyce in 1979, recording the four-track EP Only The Blind Can See In The Dark in September of that year. By the time the EP was released on Hologramme in December, Chambers had already left the band and, with Farley seamlessly taking over the high-pitched vocals, they persevered into the 80s with three more EPs (all with pressings of just 2,000) and tracks on compilations.


Lineup 1 (March - December 1979)

Ian Chambers - lead vocals
Andy Farley (Fox) - guitar, backing vocals
Steve Mardy (Sox) - bass, backing vocals
Mike Joyce (ex-Vicim)- drums

Lineup 2 (December 1979 - July 1981)

Andy Farley (Fox) - lead vocals, guitar, backing vocals
Steve Mardy (Sox) - bass, backing vocals
Mike Joyce - drums

After this drummed for The Smiths, Buzzcocks, Public Image Ltd, Sinéad O'Connor and others.

Lineup 3 (July 1981 - late 1981 or early 1982)

Andy Farley (Fox) - lead vocals
Graham Atkinson (aka Sly) - guitar
Chris Corvette (aka 5092; ex-Random Gender) - bass
Peter Flannigan (Flannel) - drums

Atkinson, Corvette and Flannigan subsequently formed Emergency.



Singles & Albums

The Hoax - Only The Blind Can See In The DarkOnly The Blind Can See In The Dark (7", 1979)

The Hoax - So WhatSo What (12", 1980)

The Hoax - Quiet In The SixpennysQuiet In The Sixpennys (12", 1981)

The Hoax - Blind Panic 7" E.P.Blind Panic 7" E.P. (7", 1981)

Extraneous Releases

The Hoax - ....And So It Went 1979-1981....And So It Went 1979-1981 (CD, 2007)

Various Artists

Ten From The Madhouse UK LP 1981 (No Peer): Now We Are Heroes

Unzipping The Abstract UK LP (NMC): World War III

Killed By 7 Inch #7 Germany 7" 2000 (Redrum): We All Hate Myself

Greater Manchester Punk 1977-81 UK LP/CD 2015 (Vinyl Revival): Storm Trooper

Greater Manchester Punk Two Now We Are Heroes 1978 - 82 UK LP 2017 (Vinyl Revival): Now We Are Heroes



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