Various - Tour De Farce #2

Various - Tour De Farce #2

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Germany Tape 1987 (eMpTy - MT-019)

A1 Dom Där – Du Är Dömd!
A2 Stupids – Who Do You Think You Are?
A3 Escorbuto Crónico – Cíudad Retrete
A4 Vicious Circle – Corporate Death Scheme
A5 Guerrilla Urbana – Eres Una Pose
A6 Armatrak – No Escape
A7 Extrem – Es Sogt's
A8 Vírus 27 – Protesto Atomico
A9 Vortex – Stupid System
A10 Ehnix – Chörnli-Wixer
A11 Rejestracja – Madman
A12 Bu-Kollegas – Heimat Träume
A13 Svart Hvítur Draumur – Kondo I Skogium
A14 Paranoia – Kalte Steine
A15 Adiexodo – War
A16 BMM – This Song
A17 Mama Bubo – Je Tu Živo
A18 Pin Prick – Tony Got His Gun
A19 Padot Na Vizantia – Istata Sostojba
A20 Ultra-Punk – No Plasticos
A21 Wretched – Come Un Cappio
B1 Breakouts – Wart Outside
B2 Massacre – Hiroshima
B3 Gruftrosen – Tage Der Endzeit
B4 Defectors Of KGB – Frontal Lobotomy
B5 Bloedbad – Anti-War
B5 Inferno – Ronald Reagan
B6 Guerrilla Urbana – Estamos Hasta El Culo
B7 GRB – Perseguidos Por La Ley
B8 Dezerter – One Big Gang
B9 Red Tide – Mary's Black Analogy Chops
B10 Anti-Scrunti Faction – Innocent Victim
B11 Subhumans – Apathy
B12 No Lip – Ophelia
B13 Solucion Mortal – Depresion
B14 War Of Destruction – Et Paradis (Guds Grønne Jord)
B15 Powerage – World War 3
B16 Thumper – Schau' Nur Hin!
B17 Crise Total – Holocausto
B18 Die Trottel – Eljen A Nyugodtsag
B19 Catholic Guilt – They Don't Fucking Care

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Compilation and produced by Joe B. Raimond, Donna, Blake Wright and Volker Stewart
Cover by Joe B. Raimond

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Additional Notes

This is the follow-up to the first volume, which was a 7" single released the same year. Tour De Farce Part 3 came out on LP in 1989.

According to the cover: "THE TAPE: Punk Music From 34 Countries". This came with a 100-page booklet ("THE BOOK: Punk Art, Lyrics, Photos, Literature and Information From 34 Countries").


Various - Tour De Farce #2 - Germany Tape 1987 (eMpTy - MT-019)

Cover #1

Various - Tour De Farce #2 - Germany Tape 1987 (eMpTy - MT-019)

Cover #2. Click here for more (Images from Swedish Punk Fanzines).


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