Subhumans - SUBHUMANS

Formed: Warminster, Wiltshire, England, UK

Subhumans - sometimes confused with the entirely different Vancouver band - hailed from the southwest of England and, along with Crass and Conflict, were one of the best anarcho bands. They evolved out of The Stupid Humans, which featured Bruce (guitar/vocals, ex-The A-Heads), Grant (bass), and Andy (drums). The Stupid Humans became the Subhumans when Dick Lucas - formerly in The Mental (who released the DIY-as-fuck Extended Play E.P.) took over vocal chores. Andy then decided it wasn't in the band for him: he was replaced by Trotsky.

Their music was almost entirely excellent (29:29 Split Vision was a mistake), but your enjoyment of it would be severely compromised if you couldn't get past Dick's (let's be honest) bloody awful voice. He was/is basically incapable of holding a tune and when he went for high notes it just sounded like someone had kicked him in the bollocks, but as a punk singer he was/is wonderful: unmistakable, fierce.

Dick Lucas later formed Culture Shock (which lasted a few years) and then Citizen Fish. Although Citizen Fish is still very active, Lucas reformed Subhumans in 1998 and now plays in both bands.

Lineup 1 (1980):

Dick (real name Dick Lucas) - voice
Bruce (full name Bruce Treasure) - guitar
Grant (full name Grant Jackson) - bass
Andy Gale - drums

Lineup 2 (1980-1983):

Dick - voice
Bruce - guitar
Grant - bass
Trotsky - drums

Recorded: Demolition War E.P. (1981), Reason For Existence (1982), Religious Wars (1982), The Day The Country Died (1982), Evolution (1983)

Lineup 3 (1983-1985, 1991, 1998 - Present):

Dick - voice, piano
Bruce - guitar, occasional bass
Phil - bass, occasional guitar
Trotsky - drums

Recorded: everything since, including the comeback releases Unfinished Business (7"/CDS, 1998) and Internal Riot (LP/CD, 2007)


Subsequent studio albums: Internal Riot (2007).

Singles / Albums

Subhumans - Demolition War E.P. Subhumans - Reason For Existence Subhumans - Religious Wars Subhumans - The Day The Country Died Subhumans - Evolution
Demolition War E.P.
(7" 1981)
Reason For Existence
(7", 1982)
Religious Wars
(7", 1982)
The Day The Country Died
(LP, 1982)
(7", 1983)
Subhumans - Time Flies... ...But Aeroplanes Crash Subhumans - From The Cradle To The Grave Subhumans - Rats Subhumans - Worlds Apart Subhumans - 29:29 Split Vision
Time Flies... ...But Aeroplanes Crash
(12", 1983)
From The Cradle To The Grave
(LP, 1984)
(7", 1984)
Worlds Apart
(LP, 1985)
29:29 Split Vision
(LP, 1986)

Extraneous Releases

Subhumans - EP-LP Subhumans - Time Flies + Rats      
(LP, 1985)
Time Flies + Rats
(LP/CD, 1990)

Demos / Tapes

Subhumans - Demolition War Parts I-III Subhumans - Live Worcester 11-4-81 Subhumans - Live Warminster Cmty Centre 9-5-81 Subhumans - Sing Brother Sing Subhumans / Wild Youth - Live Melksham Youth Centre
Demolition War Parts I-III
(Tape, 1981)
Live Worcester 11-4-81
(Tape, 1981)
Community Centre Warminster Live 9-5-81
(Tape, 1981)
Sing Brother Sing
(Tape, 1981)
Live Melksham Youth Centre
(Tape, split with Wild Youth, 1981)
Subhumans / The Sinyx - Live At The Pied Bull 28/11/81 Subhumans - Live In Swindon Subhumans - Aheads/Subhumans / A-Heads - 14 Months To Go.. Subhumans - Live Stevenage Bowes Lyon House 21-2-82 Subhumans - Live Pub Crawl
Live At The Pied Bull 28/11/81
(Tape, split with Sinyx, 1981)
Live In Swindon
(Tape, 1981)
14 Months To Go..
(Tape, split with A-Heads, 1982)
Live Stevenage Bowes Lyon House 21-2-82
(Tape, 1982)

Live Pub Crawl
(Tape, 1982)

Subhumans - Live London Putney White Lion 1-7-82 Subhumans / Faction  - Live London Moonlight Club 23-8-82 Subhumans - Live George Robey, Finsbury Park 7-2-83 Subhumans - Leeds Subhumans ‎– The Final Fling (Subhumans Leeds)
Live London Putney White Lion 1-7-82 (Tape, 1982) Live At The Moonlight Club 23/08/82
(Tape, split with Faction, 1982)
Live London Finsbury Park George Robey

(Tape, 1983)
(Tape, 1983)
The Final Fling (Subhumans Leeds)
(Tape, 1983)
Subhumans - One Man's Fish Is Another Man's Poisson-Subhumans Live In Paris Subhumans - Live At Juz Korachstrasse, Hamburg 14.6.84 Subhumans - USAT4 Live In San Francisco Subhumans - Live Bathgate 9-8-84 Subhumans - 100 Club 21.2.84
One Man's Fish Is Another Man's Poisson-Subhumans Live In Paris
(Tape, 1984)
Live At Juz Korachstrasse, Hamburg 14.6.84 (Tape, 1984) USAT4 Live In San Francisco
(Tape, 1984)
Live Bathgate 9-8-84
(Tape, 1984)
100 Club 21.2.84 (Tape)
Subhumans - Live Fulham Greyhound 12-7-85 Subhumans - USAT5-Live New York Subhumans - Subhumans - Everyday Live Subhumans - Double Live Concept Subhumans - Live Fulham Greyhound 31-10-85
Live Fulham Greyhound
(Tape, 1985)
USAT5-Live New York
(Tape, 1985)
Everyday Live
(Tape, 1985)
Double Live Concept
(Tape, 1985)
Live Fulham Greyhound 31-10-85
(Tape, 1985)
Subhumans - Live Warminster 10-11-85 Subhumans / Instigators ‎– Leeds. Adam And Eves. 23-7-85      
Warminster, 10th November 85
(Tape, split with Steve L, 1986)
Leeds. Adam And Eves. 23-7-85 (Tape, split with Instigators)      


Subhumans ‎– Human Error        
Human Error
(7", 2015)


U.K. Subs / Subhumans - The Best Of Flipside Video # 7        
The Best Of Flipside Video # 7
(VHS, split with UK Subs, 1998)


Various Artists

New Criminals UK Tape 1981 (New Crimes): Parasites / It's Gonna Get Worse / Drugs Of Youth

Wessex '82 UK 7" 1982 (Bluurg): No Thanks

Rising Free UK Tape 1983 (V.I.S.A.): Drugs Of Youth / Big Brother / Wasted Breath / Rain / Zyklon 'B' Movie / Mickey Mouse Is Dead

Hmmm... UK Tape 1983 (I Thought It Might Shock You Tapes/Hit Ranking Fanzine): Adversity / Rain / Big City / Reality Is Waiting For A Bus

Religious Vomit UK Tape 1983 (Public Disturbance): Song No 35 / First Aid (Live) / Trowbridge Park (Live)

International P.E.A.C.E. Benefit Compilation UK/US LP 1984 (R Radical): Rats

"Get Lost!" UK Tape 1984 (Greenhouse Tapes): All Gone Dead / Mickey Mouse Is Dead

We Don't Want Your Fucking War! UK LP 1985 (Mortarhate): Rats

Symphonies For The Disaffected UK Tape 1985 (Beer Belly Tapes): Animal / Zyklon B Movie / Religious Wars

V.I.S.A. Présente France LP 1985 (Bondage/V.I.S.A.): Mickey Mouse Is Dead

Life Is A Joke Vol. 2 Germany LP 2x1986 (Weird System): Human Error (Alternate Version)

Tour De Farce #2 Germany Tape 1987 (eMpTy): ApathyWe Won't Take No More UK CD 1995 (Mortarhate): Rats

This Is The A.L.F. - Second Edition UK 2xLP/CD 1998 (Mortarhate): Evolution

Anti-State: Anarcho Punk Compilation Vol. 2 UK CD 2005 (Overground): So Much Money


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