Various - Vaultage 78 - Two Sides Of Brighton

Various - Vaultage 78 - Two Sides Of Brighton

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UK LP 1978 (Atrix - RB/03 LP)

A1 Nicky & The Dots - Girl Gets Nervous
A2 Nicky & The Dots - I Find That Really Surprises Me
A3 Nicky & The Dots - Wrong Street
A4 The Dodgems - I Don't Care
A5 Devil's Dykes - Fruitless
A6 Devil's Dykes - Plastic Flowers
A7 Peter And The Test Tube Babies - Elvis Is Dead
B1 The Parrots - Larger Than Life
B2 The Parrots - Vicious Circle
B3 The Vitamins - New Town
B4 The Dodgems - Lord Lucan Is Missing
B5 The Piranhas - Tension
B6 The Piranhas - Virginity
B7 The Piranhas - I Don't Want My Body

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A1-A3: Nicky & The Dots
Nick Dwyer - Vocals
Chris D’Ouseley - Guitar/Vocals
Dave ‘Blotto’ Williams - Bass/Vocals
Paul Clark - VJSM Organ
Ken Hogg - Drums and borrowed vocals

A4, B4: The Dodgems
Guitar/Vocals - Doug Potter
Bass/Vocals - Gary Turner
Drums - Charlie Zuber
Produced – Paul Milo

A5-A6: Devil's Dykes
Vocals and rhythm guitar - Jen Green
Keyboards and hollow box - Stella Morgan
Drums - Heather de Lyon
Bass - Pete Clarke
Reggae scraper - Sal Horne
Backing vocals - Stella, Sal and Heather
Produced – Paul Milo

A7: Peter And The Test Tube Babies
Peter - Lead Vocals
Derek - Rhythm, Lead Guitars
Chris - Reversible Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Trev - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Produced – Paul Milo

B1-B2: The Parrots
Five people playing two guitars, bass, keyboards, harmonica, scraper, vocals, backing vocals and drums.
Drums by Ken Hogg, on loan from the Dots.

B3: The Vitamins
Addison Cresswell - singer
David Turvey - guitarist
Michael Wilkins - Bass player
Carl Rutter - Drums
Produced – Pete Gibson

B5-B7: The Piranhas
Bob Grover - vocals, guitar
Johnny Piranha - vocals, guitar
Zoot Alors - Saxophone, vocals
Reginald Frederick Hornsbury - bass
Dick Slexia - drums

This album was made possible by energy enthusiasm and hard graft. Thanx to Andrew and Jenny Ryan (label design, artwork and insert design and printing); Simon Sandy Hilary Titus and all at the Resource Centre (moral support and patience)
Jay (distribution leaflets and inserts artwork)
Julie for PR
Zoot, Ken, and Charlie for sleeve design
Many people, but mainly Zoot for screen printing
Many other people too numerous to mention

The bands would like to point out that Rick did all the work in a triumph of er...democratic participation.

Recorded at:
A1-A7, B4-B7: Paul Milo Studio Brighton, by Paul Milo
B1-B2: Graphic Sound Studio Catford, by Terry Newberry and John Caulfield
B3: Chesnut Studio, by Paul Friend and Pete Gibson
All trax recorded in under 50 hours for an estimated cost of £250 for the 7 bands

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Various - Vaultage 78 - Two Sides Of Brighton - UK LP 1978 (Atrix - RB/03 LP)Various - Vaultage 78 - Two Sides Of Brighton - UK LP 1978 (Atrix - RB/03 LP)

1st Pressing. Click here for more

Various - Vaultage 78 - Two Sides Of Brighton - UK LP 1978 (Atrix - RB/03 LP)Various - Vaultage 78 - Two Sides Of Brighton - UK LP 1978 (Atrix - RB/03 LP)

2nd pressing. Click here for more


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