Various - Wet Dreams

Various - Wet Dreams

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UK LP 1984 (Rot - ASS 4)

A1 Riot Squad - Unite And Fight
A2 Breakout - Waste Away
A3 Paranoia - Shattered Glass
A4 Clockwork Soldiers - Hit And Run
A5 Christianity B.C. - Trinity
A6 X-Cretas - Familiarity
A7 Resistance 77 - Communist Cunt
A8 Dead Man's Shadow - Flower In The Gun
B1 X-Cretas - It's Our Life
B2 Riot Squad - Friday Night Hero
B3 Paranoia - Dissillusion
B4 Resistance 77 - Send In The S.A.S.
B5 Christianity B.C. - What A Shame
B6 External Menace - Shocktrooper
B7 Clockwork Soldiers - Dream

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