Formed: Gillingham, Kent, England, UK


Anarcho punks, three members of which (Lawrence Windle, Peter Stratton and David "Dee" Cubitt) went on to join Anthrax (the anarchos, not the metallers). Windle subsequently ended up in Antisect, while singer Trev and drummer Don played in Bug Central and Active Slaughter. Trev also played with Cop Car Pile Up and Motherfucker.


Demos / Tapes

X-Cretas - War X-Cretas - God Save Us X-Cretas - Fascist Pigs    
War (Tape, 1982) God Save Us
(Tape, 1982)
Fascist Pigs!
(Tape, 1983)


Various Artists

Pah! Tape UK Tape 1982 (I Thought It Might Shock You Tapes): God Save Us (It's Our Life) / Locked Away / PC Wanker

Noises From The Unknown UK Tape 1983 (Obituary Tapes): Pre Menstrual Tension / Take Your Politics Somewhere Else / P.C. Wanker

State Of Confusion UK TapeĀ 1980s (Stagnating Body): Grim Reaper / Who Is Mad / Clone Fashion

Wet Dreams UK LP 1984 (Rot): Familiarity / It's Our Life




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