Various - Words Worth Shouting

Various - Words Worth Shouting

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UK LP 1985 (Radical Change - RCLP4)

A1 Contempt - Take An Animal's View 2:20
A2 Axe Thrasher - Axe Thrasher 2:19
A3 Prem Nick - Arse End Of The Establishment 0:33
A4 Disrupters - Dead In The Head 3:10
A5 Euthanasie - Mord Ohne Ende 2:53
A6 Rotten Corpses - The Promise 3:40
A7 Freeborn - Silver Lining 5:51
B1 Nick Toczek - Being Terrorists 1:33
B2 Protest - Third Generation 3:31
B3 Deviated Instinct - Possession 5:23
B4 Haine Brigade - Vivre Pas Survivre 2:14
B5 Pax Vobiscum - Misguided Sins 3:02
B6 Revulsion - There Is No Need 3:33

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Benefit LP for Norwich Hunt Saboteurs

Artwork//Mid & Ta Page Nocturne

A2 Axe Thrasher:
Podge/Guitar. Spud/Bass. Dez/Drums. Smee/Voice.

A3 Prem Nick

A4 Disrupters
Recorded at Flying Pig Oct 85.
Engineered by John
Drums/Vocals Kev. Guitar/Vocals Paul. Bass/Vocals Steve. Lead Vocals Steve. Arse end poem/Vocals Prem Nick.

A5 Euthanasie:
Thomas: guitar
Andi: guitar
Thomas: voice and drums
Holger: bass
Corinna: voice.and drums

B3 Deviated Instinct:
Those involvd....Ian, Leggo, Mid, Prey

B4 Haine Brigade
Drums: Regis
Bass: Gagou Znotded
Guitar: Nick Faineant
Guitar Solo: Rodolphe
Vocals: Vodka and Alexa

B5 Pax Vobiscum are
Gaz - vocals
Coxy - guitar
Dunk - drums
Gainey - bass

B6 Revulsion:
Adie - shouting
Simon - strumming + screaming
Steve - plonking + yelling
Andy - whacking

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Additional Notes

Track B2 is listed as 'Country's Downfall' by Death Zone on the back cover, but it ain't, it's 'Third Generation' by Protest. The images are from the astounding Terminal Nuisance blogspot. Go here and see all the inserts etc.


Various - Words Worth Shouting - UK LP 1985 (Radical Change - RCLP4) Various - Words Worth Shouting - UK LP 1985 (Radical Change - RCLP4)

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