Würm - Exhumed

Würm - Exhumed

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US 2xLP 2018 (ORG Music - ORGM-1022)

A1 Feast
A2 Should We Be Proud
A3 98 Da
A4 Bad Habbits
B1 Padded Cell
B2 Where Will We Run
B3 Nailed To The Wall
B4 Song For Jimmy
B5 Robin Doggin'

I'm Dead EP + Compilation Tracks
C1 I'm Dead
C2 We're Off
C3 The Time Has Come Today
C4 Modern Man
C5 Black Swan
77 Wurmhole Demos
D1 Sewer Rock
D2 Daily Dose
D3 Guitar
D4 Depth Charge
D5 I've Heard It Before

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Additional Credits

A1-B5: Feast LP, 1985
C1-C3: We're Off 7", 1982
C4: From The Radio Tokyo Tapes compilation LP, 1983
C5: From The Sound Of Hollywood #2: Destroy L.A. compilation LP, 1983
D1- D5: Previously unreleased

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Blue vinyl.


Würm - Exhumed - US 2xLP 2018 (ORG Music - ORGM-1022)Würm - Exhumed - US 2xLP 2018 (ORG Music - ORGM-1022)

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