X-Ray Spex - Highly Inflammable

X-Ray Spex - Highly Inflammable

Original Release Date


Release Information

UK 7" 1979 (EMI International - INT 583)

A Highly Inflammable 2:31
B Warrior In Woolworths 3:04

Chart Placings

UK Chart Hit; 45, 4 wks


Produced by Falcon Stuart and X-Ray Spex

Additional Credits

Poly Styrene - vocals
Jak Airport - guitar
Paul Dean - bass
Rudi Thomson - sax
B.P. Hurding - drums

Warrior In Woolworths recorded at Essex Studios.

Reviews & Opinions

CLIFF WHITE, SMASH HITS 19TH APRIL 19 - 2ND MAY, 1979: Strange title for a record that is distinctly less fiery than previous Spex efforts. Furthermore: strange record! Poly Styrene makes an effort to sing more conventionally than usual in the midst of a fuzzy production involving riffing saxes and at least one synthesizer. Dunno exactly why but I've a feeling it's one of those deceptive tracks that creeps up on you when your back is turned. Initially it's the flip, 'Warrior In Woolworths', that is most appealing - mainly because the story if everyday suburban folk is stronger than the topside lyric.

Additional Notes

Red or black vinyl. The A-Side is new, but the B-side is from Germfree Adolescents.


X-Ray Spex - Highly Inflammable - UK 7" 1979 (EMI International - INT 583)X-Ray Spex - Highly Inflammable - UK 7" 1979 (EMI International - INT 583)

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