X-Ray Spex - Live At The Roxy 77

X-Ray Spex - Live At The Roxy 77

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UK CD 1991 (Receiver - RRCD140P)

1 Oh Bondage! Up Yours! 2:42
2 Identity 2:25
3 Let's Submerge 3:05
4 Plastic Bag 4:10
5 I Live Off You 2:18
6 I Am A Cliche 1:48
7 I Can't Do Anything 2:59
8 Oh Bondage! Up Yours! 2:52

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Additional Credits

Poly Styrene - vocals
Lora Logic - sax
Jak Airport - guitar
Paul Dean - bass
Rich Tea Teas - drums

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Additional Notes

This picture disc version of Live At The Roxy Club did not come in a proper case, rather as a pvc wallet with an insert.


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