!Action Pact! - London Bouncers (Bully Boy Version)

!Action Pact! - London Bouncers (Bully Boy Version)

Original Release Date


Release Information

UK 12" 1983 (Fall Out - FALL 12 016)

1 London Bouncers (Bully Boy Version) 4:18
2 Gothic Party Time 3:07
3 New King's Girl 2:44
4 The Cruellest Thief 2:21

Chart Placings

Indie Hit: 23, 5 wks


Fortherington Fiendish
Prince Pelvin
Countess Cheex
Professor Planet

Additional Credits

George Cheex - vocals
Wild Planet - guitar
Elvin Pelvin- bass
Grimly Fiendish - drums

Produced by Phil Langham
Engineer Phil Chiltern
Recorded at Pineapple Studoios, Southall, Middlesex Middx.

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: 'London Bouncers' was originally recorded for their debut split EP with Dead Man's Shadow, but this new recording is taken from Mercury Theatre - On The Air! There are three new songs on the flip, but none are memorable. Recorded with a new line-up following the departure of Dr Phibes, the pseudonymous Elvin Pelvin is actually the record's producer, Phil Langham of The Dark.

STEVE SPINALI, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #8, SEPTEMBER 1983: Powerhouse drumming is the only thing going for this Oi-punk release. ACTION PACT's style changes so little from song to song that this 4-track sounds like a re-tread of old material, except with plodding tempos and even a sax section on the title track. Boring.

Additional Notes

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!Action Pact! - London Bouncers (Bully Boy Version ) UK 12" 1983 (Fall Out - FALL 12 016)!Action Pact! - London Bouncers (Bully Boy Version ) UK 12" 1983 (Fall Out - FALL 12 016) Back Cover

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