Terminal Nuisance - Amazing blog for anarcho punk types

Bored Teenagers - Dedicated to the most obscure of the obscure UK punk bands of the 70s

Dementlieu Punk Archive - US hardcore resource

Punk '77 - self explanatory, utterly superb website

Kill From The Heart - mainly hardcore orientated, with lots of cool stuff

Flex Discography of US Punk & Hardcore - speaks for itself

The International Discography of American New Wave on - astonishingly comprehensive

Euthanasie French Punk/Rock Discography

Break My Face - great site for US punk

Retaliate US hardcore resource with comprehensive Mystics Records disocgraphy

Record Collectors Of The World Unite - tremendous site with high quality scans

Punk & Oi In The UK - up-to-date punk/oi news

Punk News - forums etc

Listen And Understand - The UK anarcho scene, really very good indeed!

Punk Iberico - Mind-bogglingly comprehensive Spanish punk discography (in Spanish). Still under construction and very impressive.

GREAT MUSIC BLOG SITES IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER - You'll need to speak Swedish to read it, but there's lots of good pictures and some vdieos on this excellent site, which is not just punk

Punk Friction - Emphasis on classic UK punk, generally

Killed By Death - Obscure punk singles from around the world

Gabes UK82 Blogspot / Slaughter Of The Innocents - Anarcho/Chaos punk galore

Burning Britain

Forgotten Songs - punk, post-punk etc

Born In The Basement - outstanding site of general punk goodies

Hangover Heartattack - shitloads of LPs and singles here for download

Mad Blasts of Chaos - ditto

What About A Future? - hardcore/anarcho

Kids Of The 80s - Hardcore from around the world

Rat-Shit-Sandwich - European hardcore

Music Ruined My Life - punk rock galore

Adios Lili Marleen - Great Spanish language blog, full of superb images. Wish I could speak Spanish!



LOCK UP ROCK - A record shop in Hastings, England, where you can buy records, some of them punk, some not. Mainly vinyl, some real bargains. Hello, Steve.

LUISPOSTER - Splendid German site where you can buy some very nice punky posters, as well as sci-fi t-shirts, heay metal stuff etc

ANGRY EEL - Great art from Paul St. Savage. Love the Creeps!



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