!Action Pact! - Suicide Bag E.P.

Suicide Bag

Original Release Date


Release Information

UK 7" 1982 (Fall Out - FALL 003)

1 Suicide Bag 1:54
2 Stanwell 2:33
3 Blue Blood 3:11

Chart Placings

Indie Hit: 6, 11 wks


George - vocals
Wild Planet - guitar
Dr. Phibes - bass
Joe Fungus - drums

Produced by Neil Brockbank at Hallmark Studios, London.
Re-mixed and over-dubbed by Phil Langham.

Reviews & Opinions

TIM YOHANNAN, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #2, 1982: More medium-paced songs with double-tracked females. Good production, but not real exciting.

MICK MERCER, PUNK LIVES #3, 1982: Brilliant. [read full review here]

GENE OCTOBER, MELODY MAKER, 1982: Here we have a record that offers not only ways out, but hope to those of us who walk around with glue bags over our faces. Nice to get stoned, the band say, but wake up up and throw away that suicide bag. Get up and look straight ahead! The attitude is a more important thing about this band than the music. And the attitude's impressive.

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!Action Pact! - Suicide Bag E.P. UK 7" 1982 (Fall Out - FALL 003)!Action Pact! - Suicide Bag E.P. UK 7" 1982 (Fall Out - FALL 003) Back Cover

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