!Action Pact! - Survival Of The Fattest

!Action Pact! - Survival Of The Fattest

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UK LP 1984 (Fall Out - FALL LP 030)

1 Open Your Eyes
2 Optimism
3 Keep It Lickin' Over
4 Have Fun
5 Up On The Heath
6 Johnny Fontaine
7 Yet Another Dole Queue Song
8 Cocktail Credibility
9 Who's To Blame?
10 Human Beings
11 Voice In The Wilderness

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Thistles - bass man
Grimly Fiendish - drummer man
Wild Planet - guitar hero
George - singer

Produced & Mixed by Phil "Gunther" Vinall
Tracks 2,3,6,7 Recorded With Phil Langham

Engineered by Colin Peter at Wickham Studios
Pat Collier, John Burns at Greenhouse Studios
Phil Chiltern at Pineapple Studios

Reviews & Opinions

PUNKY GIBBON: Sounding a bit old, the Pact finally make it past adolescence: Cheex stops simply shrieking (but still can't sing for toffee), the levity levels are reduced and they are clearly suffering from Second Album Material Shortage Syndrome, with ill-advised excursions into Goth and even reggae. 'Yet Another Dole Queue Song' is one of their best, but too much of the surrounding material drags.

IRA ROBBINS, TROUSER PRESS: Survival of the Fattest (no one said this lot weren't clever) introduces a new member, Thistles (taking over bass from Dr. Phibes), joining George, Grimly Fiendish and Wild Planet in the lineup. Lyrics are slightly refined and subtler; likewise, the music offers more variety and better playing, but George's artless singing — despite flashes of adequacy — remains the group's undoing.

Additional Notes

Only available on CD as a twofer with Mercury Theatre - On The Air!


!Action Pact! - Survival Of The Fattest - UK LP 1984 (Fall Out - FALL LP 030)!Action Pact! - Survival Of The Fattest - UK LP 1984 (Fall Out - FALL LP 030)

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