Active Dog - Rat Race

Active Dog - Rat Race

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Canada 7" 1979 (Active Dog - no cat. no.)

1 Rat Race 2:00
2 Good Filthy Fun 1:44

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Ross - 'mooch Flamand' - Carpenter - Fender Precision bass, backing vocals
Robert - 'the juiced' - Bruce - drums
John - 'Buck Cherry' - Armstrong - guitar, backing vocals
Terry - 'Mister' - Bowes - lead guitar
Bill Shirt - lead vocals

** Dash Hamhock had run away the previous week-end to join The Pointed Sticks circus, and was not available to play his cheesy farfisa organ to this Buck played his part on guitar.

Recorded at SABRE SOUND 1979. Engineered by Chris Cuttress produced and mixed by mooch....

Reviews & Opinions

CANNUCKISTAN MUSIC: The two songs here are perfunctory power pop/punk, with the requisite (or cliched, take your pick) menacing guitar and tough-guy vocals. ‘Rat Race’ has shades of Detroit grit, while ‘Good Filthy Fun’ is precisely that, pogo-friendly and potent.

KILLED BY DEATH: They have a really great track on the infamous Vancouver Compilation named Fun 'While It Lasts'. And here’s their one and only record. 'Rat Race' leans more to the powerpop of punk while 'Good Filthy Fun'§ is hectic punk the way old men likes it. In my humble opinion(IMHO as the kids say) two awesome tracks from an underrated Canadian band that will help you through the weekend.

PUNKY GIBBON: Good punk rock on both sides, let down only slightly by the vocals, which are a bit lacking in character. Most reviews prefer the B-Side but 'Rat Race' is clearly the better song.

Additional Notes

The KBD site has more scans and a download to grab. Get it all here. If you want something more physical, 'Good Clean Fun' can be found on Killed By Death 17


Active Dog - Rat Race - Canada 7" 1979 (Active Dog - no cat. no.)Active Dog - Rat Race - Canada 7" 1979 (Active Dog - no cat. no.)

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