The Adicts - This Is Your Life

The Adicts - This Is Your Life - UK LP 1985 (Fall Out - FALL LP 021)

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UK LP 1985 (Fall Out - FALL LP 021)

1 This Is Your Life
2 Don't Exploit Me
3 Younger Generation
4 Calling Calling
5 Just Like Me
6 Easy Way Out
7 This Week
8 Organised Confusion
9 Straightjacket
10 Numbers
11 Get Adicted
12 Distortion
13 Sensitive
14 Sympathy
15 Sheer Enjoyment


UK CD 1992 (Fall Out - FALL CD 021)

1 Viva La Revolution 3:48
2 Steamroller 1:54
3 This Is Your Life 1:40
4 Don't Exploit Me 2:30
5 Younger Generation 2:19
6 Calling Calling 3:29
7 Just Like Me 1:46
8 Easy Way Out 3:08
9 This Week 1:01
10 Organised Confusion 2:00
11 Straightjacket 2:10
12 Numbers 2:06
13 Get Adicted 2:02
14 Distortion 2:51
15 Sensitive 2:20
16 Sympathy 2:26
17 Sheer Enjoyment 3:15
18 Champs Élysées 4:34
19 Sound Of Music 2:41
20 Who Spilt My Beer? 3:17
21 Cowboys 2:49

Chart Placings

UK Indie Hit : 12, 2 wks



Monkey - vocals
Pete - guitar
Mel - bass
Kid Dee - drums

All songs recorded at Hillside Studios, Ipswich except where noted.

This album traces the not so phenomenal rise to fame of the Adicts between 1978 and 1980. After forming in the autumn of 1977, the band "gigged around" in Ipswich and recorded their first "grubby demo" about a year later. It was rejected by every record company they presented it to.
Another year passed, and after playing their first London gig at the Breaknock, Camden Town (and getting banned in the process) they managed to secure a one-off record deal with Dining Out Records. A four track E.P. "Lunch With The Adicts was released in November 1980 and a John Peel session was recorded and broadcast a couple of weeks later [Punky Gibbon note: Tracks B2-B5].
The final two tracks were recorded in June 1980 and were intended to be the second single although they were never released until now! It isn't really worth making comparisons with the Adicts of today as this is just a potted history of the halcyon days before the Adicts wore white and Monkey discovered make-up.
Pete, Monkey, Mel and Kid - this is your life (for those who are interested!).



All compositions by The Adicts 1978-85.
All songs recorded at Hillside Studios, Ipswhich [sic] except tracks 12-15 recorded at Maida Vale Studios, produced by Mike Sparrow for the John Peel programme, Radio 1, 20/11/79.

Tracks 1-2 originally released as 7" single on Fall Out Records 1982 (here).
Tracks 3-7 recorded as first demos, Autumn 1978.
Tracks 8-11 recorded 23/9/79 for 7" EP on Dining Out Records.
Tracks 16-17 recorded June 1980 for unreleased single.
Tracks 18-21 originally released as a 12" EP 'Bar Room Bop' Fall Out Records 1985.

Reviews & Opinions

STEVE SPINALI, MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #23, MARCH 1985: This album features the upbeat pop-punk of the ADICTS with 15 tracks recorded in 1979. These songs possess the same aggressiveness as the material on their debut LP, though the truly outstanding material here is re-pressed from their fine debut EP "Lunch With the Adicts," long out of print. There's a fair allotment of strong material on this album, and that should 'be good news for ADICTS fans.

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The Adicts - This Is Your Life - UK LP 1985 (Fall Out - FALL LP 021) The Adicts - This Is Your Life - UK LP 1985 (Fall Out - FALL LP 021) Back

UK LP 1985 (Fall Out - FALL LP 021). Click here for more

The Adicts - This Is Your Life - UK CD 1992 (Fall Out - FALL CD 021)The Adicts - This Is Your Life - UK CD 1992 (Fall Out - FALL CD 021)

UK CD 1992 (Fall Out - FALL CD 021). Click here for more


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