Die Alliierten, Cologne, West Germany

Die Alliierten, Cologne, West Germany

Formed: Wuppertal, West Germany

Streetpunk band blighted by association with Rock-O-Rama Records, the German label which issued numerous records by horrible right wing groups such as Skrewdriver, The Klansmen and Brutal Attack. Mind you, Rock-O-Rama also pressed records by Condemned 84, OHL and The Skeptix, none of whom were even remotely racist.

Sankt, via email: They were never Nazis, their song 'Blinder Hass' is directed against nazis/racism: "Let the blacks be, they didn't hurt, let the Jews be you think like the ku-klux-klan". They were also pro-Skins/Punks United and played with bands like OHL, also very anti Nazis. Rock O Rama started out as Germany's first and largest punkrock label mostly distributing German and Finnish punk and featuring bands like OHL and Cotzbrocken, even though the owner never paid the bands more than for the first 1000 copies, he still pressed more and used the songs without the bands' knowledge, for instance putting Ruhm & Ehre by Die Alliierten on a sampler with Skrewdriver. When his practices started to be known in the German punk/oi scene the owner started pressing WP shit like the first/second Skrewdriver and nearly no new punk bands used his label.

To be absolutely clear, Die Allierten were not Nazis, and directly addressed the issue on 'Blind Hatred'. Musically they were pretty good, playing mostly standard fare Oi!/punk on their sole album, which was hamstrung by unimaginative production rather than any shortcomings in the songwriting department. The inclusion of a pair of surprising instrumentals suggested they might have had a future had they not split up instead.

Guitarist (and, apparently, main lyricist) Caspar Brötzmann is the son of Peter Brötzmann, the famous free jazz saxophonist and clarinetist. After his time in Die Allierten he rose to prominence in Germany as an extremely talented lead guitarist and a painter, and has released a handful of solo records which highlight his aggressive yet highly technical playing. Here's an Allmusic review of one such LP: "Recommended for fans, rock and jazz alike, who thought that Hendrix was the last word in rock guitar". Here is what he looked like in more recent and hairier times:

Die Alliierten, Cologne, West Germany

Bassist Bodo Schwarz later played in Western Force, who released an album (Crazy Alien) in 1985. Drummer Christoph Hundt went on to batter the bins for Our Perfect Cousin, and (as of 2017) plays in a reggae band called Tribal M. Singer Tomas appeared to do nothing, musically speaking, afterwards.



Tomas - vocals
Caspar Brötzmann - guitar
Bodo Schwarz - bass
Christoph Hundt - drums



Singles & Albums

Die Alliierten - Ruhm Und EhreRuhm Und Ehre (LP, 1982)


Various Artists

Talfahrt. Sampler 01 Germany Tape 1983 (Talfahrt): Fan Der Neuen Welle / Die Alliierten / Allein / Meine Frisur

Talfahrt. Sampler 02 Germany Tape 1984 (Talfahrt): Ruhm Und Ehre / Falsche Politik

No Surrender Vol. 2 Germany LP 1986 (Rock-O-Rama): Ruhm Und Ehre





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