Formed: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Following the demise of Articles of Faith in 1985, singer Vic Bondi formed Jones Very (named after a 19th-century transcendentalist poet and unitarian minister) and, with Dag Nasty's rhythm section, Alloy. Eliminate (1992), so I'm told, offers some highly palatable, powerful and melodic hardcore that doesn't stray too far from the Articles of Faith blueprint, and their self-titled third album investigates melody even further. They folded in 1995 following the mini-album Paper Thin Front.

Jones Very released only one studio album and an EP, although a live album taken from a pair of Boston radio sessions followed their demise in 1991. Bondi has also made two solo albums in a more acoustic style, although the second of these (In Hope And Fear, 1995) remains unreleased. His most recent band is Report Suspicious Activity.



Vic Bondi - vocals/guitar
Patrick Mahoney - guitar
Roger Marbury - bass
Colin Sears - drums 1991-1992
Pete Hines - drums 1992-1995



Singles & Albums / Various Artists

Alloy - EliminateEliminate (LP/CD, 1992)

Alloy - UntiedUntied (7", 1993)

Alloy - Reading BlindReading Blind (7", 1993)

Alloy - AlloyAlloy (LP/CD, 1993)

Alloy / Bob Evans - SplitAlloy/Bob Evans (7", split, 1994)

Alloy - Paper Thin FrontPaper Thin Front (10"/CD, 1994)

Various Artists

Strange Notes! A Germs Cover Compilation Germany CD 1994 (Bitzcore): My Tunnel

So You Wanna Be A Rock 'N' Roll Compilation? Germany CD 1995 (Bitzcore): Graduate / Who Bought The Con

Case Closed? Germany 2xLP/CD 1994 (Snoop): Out On A Limb

For A Fistful Of Yens! Germany CD 1994 (Bitzcore): More Alone With You / Unafraid


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