The band
Picture from the Anarchy 6 site

Formed: Los Angeles, California, USA

LINEUP: !Anarchy 6!

Chemical Warfare AKA Steve McDonald - vocals
H.C. Skinner - bass, vocals
Spike Geek - guitars
Mark Davey AKA Dave Markey - drums

A wacky Redd Kross side-project (Steve McDonald sings, brother Jeff "executive produced"), ¡Anarchy 6! rips the piss out of USHC - Suicidal Tendencies especially - on these two hyper-fast, deliberately stupid and very sloppy releases. Trouser Press said, "It's hard to gauge the hoped-for audience: those inclined to buy a record that looks and sounds so punk are unlikely to enjoy (or even get) the joke, and vice versa. Maybe that's the point".

Anyway, here's a taster:


Old punks think they're at the Masque
but they all live in the past
Can't they fuckin' see
they're all acting like Craig Lee

But we're the new punks of today
and we will have our fucking way
Young and strong, we are so proud
We'll make you bleed cuz we're so loud!

Old punks are on heroin
liquid death they stick it in
They all will die of AIDS
because they are all gays
Old punk, just give up your scene
It's the new kids that should wean
Old punk, retire to the sanitarium
They're so dumb!


No future for them!

In addition to the compilation track below, they recorded one studio LP (Hardcore Lives!, 1988) and issued a posthumous live tape (Live Like A Suicidal, 1991).

Hardcore Live!!Anarchy 6!: Live Like A Suicidal


Various Artists

Lovedolls Superstar US LP 1986 (SST): Slam, Spit, Cut Your Hair, Kill Your Mom!







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