Androids of MuThe band

Formed: London, England, UK

The Androids were a bunch of multi-national women from London who mucked around with Here & Now, ATV and Door & The Window (etc,) at the Street Level recording studio, and toured with Crass and Poison Girls. Like seemingly all the artier female punk bands they sounded much like The Slits, Snatch and Kleenex: brashly amateur, with badly played guitar, lots of high-pitched shrieking and general strangeness.

They landed a deal with Crass but decided not to bother because Penny Rimbaud, true to form, wanted to drum.

Singer Corrina started Girlfriend Records to record many of the girl bands who came through the doors of Street Level, issuing the Making Waves LP in 1981. One of the bands on that compilation was NWOBHM band Girlschool, whom she joined.




Androids Of Mu - The Androids Of Mu TapeThe Androids Of Mu (Tape, 1979)

Androids Of Mu - Blood Robots Blood Robots (LP, 1980)

Various Artists

Making Waves - A Collection Of 12 Womens Bands From The UK UK LP 1981 (Girlfriend): Bored Housewifes

Slightly Weirdsville (aka Really Weird) UK Tape 1981 (Fuck Off): Every Time I Hear The Spirit / Pretty Nun / Ride Me Easy Rider

Music For Pressure UK Tape 1981 (Fuck Off): Vampire Feast

Folk In Hell UK Tape 1981 (Fuck Off): Cityscape / Jungle Beast

A Tribute To Bert Weedon UK Tape 1982 (Weird Tales): Who Cares? / Atomic Explosion / White City / Seven Cities / Bored Housewifes / Android Jam



Interview on the excellent NO CLASS website

Download the fucking tape & see the full artwork & get load more info (Kill Your Pet Puppy)


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